Making money online in 21st century is not so difficult as it looks, Many people out there (ie. from a highly skilled businessman to an undergraduate teen) are using a same platform “The Internet” to earn for their living. So in this article we will discuss how you can make some money that will fulfil your needs (but this required some efforts and brains) and it will definitely boost your pocket money. These methods work for both newbies and experts!! So let’s get started:
Top 5 ways to make money online (Guaranteed)
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Method 1 – Make money using Advertising Sites like Google Adsense:

If you are thinking of opening a blog/website then make sure to apply for an advertising company like Google Adsense, That will boost your earning. If you get accepted then your earning will be on cloud nine because 90% on websites on the internet are monetizing their site with Google Adsense.

There are some barriers that you should not cross while having a Blog/Website or you will not get approve. But if you are on a right track with good blog/website then you will be guaranteed make a quite good income (You must read this first: Things you need to remember before applying for Google AdSense)

If you don’t get accepted on Google Adsense then don’t worry because there are many *top alternatives of Google Adsense like:
1) Chitika:
2) Infolinks :
3) Superlinks :
4) Adversal:
5) Viglink:
6) Skimlinks:
7) :
8) Adengage:
9) BuySellAds:

Method 2 – Make money using YouTube:

If you are good in making videos or vblog then you should definitely try for YouTube because YouTube is the only #1 platform where you can monetize your videos and can boost your earning. On YouTube, anyone can apply, But if you are good in Blogging/Cooking/Creating funny videos/Sports/Reviews..etc. then you should definitely apply for YouTube and monetize your videos with Google Adsense.

Method 3 – Make money using PTC (Paid to Click) sites (Slow but Effective Method) :

This is the easiest way to make money online, but this is also the time taking method that will definitely give you extra earning. In this method you just need to click on ads and on every click you will get some money according to the ad rates. Some users don’t like this method because this method is very slow (As I mentioned above). But, believe me, this method works!

These are the online genuine PTC sites:

1) NeoBux:

2) ClixSense : | Ref-Link :

Method 4 – Sell prodcuts online :

If you are good in marketing stuff then you should sell products online to make some income, This includes selling music/apps/photos/ebooks..etc. It is the most popular way to make money online, If you know all the techniques and have the capability then you will definitely achieve excellence in this method. With this method you can *make up to 20$-50$ per sale, Some top sites where you can sell products:
1) Amazon :
2) Ebay :

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Method 5 – Doing online surveys :

It is one of the easiest way to make money in short period of time, This method is popular among teenagers. So basically you have to answer some questions about certain product which are offered online. When you need cash instant, just fill out a survey by giving some reviews according to question and bang! You have your cash in a pinch. Some sites that provide online surveys :

1) InboxDollars : | Ref-Link :

2) Surveyhead :

Conclusion :
So these are the methods that will help you to make money online without giving you any stress, There are also other methods on the web, but we only included “the top” methods. I hope you enjoyed the article. Happy earning!!

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