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Bootable Disk

How to Create Bootable Disk with ISO Burner Tools?

There are times when your system get hacked or get attacked with viruses and malwares. On such trivial occasions you definitely need to format your system afresh. Now in order to do that, you...
Best photo editing app

ReTouchMe: Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Though this may not seem a big deal, editing photos can have a greater effect on your clicked picture. At times lightings are not right or you want to blur out certain things in...

How to restore/recover data from Android/iOs devices

In previous article I posted about recovering the data from corrupted/crashed storage device which is similar to this article but this article is all about android and iOS, So in this article I will guide...
Spy App for Android

Best Spy App For Android 2018

The Spy apps are used to monitor smartphones without the knowledge of the user. Maybe you are worried about your kids’ safety. Or you are a little in double minds about the credentials of...
SafeWire How to Completely Erase Data

How to Completely Erase Data (Photos, Contacts, and Messages) from Android phone (2018)

Android  phones has been most preferred smartphones in the market right now. But, sooner or later, people will fill their phones with pictures, messages, contacts and other multimedia files that will lead to low...
Reset Windows 10 Password

How to Reset Windows 10 Password with UUkeys

Let’s admit it, we have all done it! Just like any other day, you turned on your computer and entered your password to login to your PC! But DANG!! All of a snap, your...

Better-quality steps for extracting audio from video by Movavi Video Converter

When you watch some movies, you will hear a great tune, but unfortunately, you need not know where this music is available. You also do not know who sings this and write it, but...
Cheating Partner’s Cell Phone

Mobile Spying Application: How to Hack into Your Cheating Partner’s Cell Phone with XNSPY?

This is a Guest Post by Mason JacobIt’s been a while since your better half is coming home late and keeping long hours under the pretext of office work. You have seen her hoping...

How to boost your Instagram followers with Vibbi

If you’re looking into how to buy Instagram likes, then you must be definitely interested in how to prosper on this very profitable and popular social network. There are some important things that many...
Tech Jobs for Non-Techies

How to Be Non-Technical in Tech – 7 Tech Jobs for Non-Techies

This is a Guest Post by Aly ChimanTechnology is the future of every industry. But what if coding just isn’t your thing? Here are some jobs that are great stepping stones into the tech...

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