A social app like WhatsApp is now very-very much popular but then also there are some major drawbacks of WhatsApp and that is:

  1. You can share file with size up to 16-30 MB
  2. The quality of images, videos which are share on WhatsApp always decreases

But there are many tricks and hacks for WhatsApp that can help you to bypass these drawbacks with ease.

But recently I have learned a new trick (way) that helps me to send any file (Up to 1 GB). Yes!! there is a way through which you can send a file which is up to 1 GB  to your friends and relative. So lets get started:

Note: For now this trick can only work on Android Devices

How to Send Files up to 1GB via WhatsApp:

For this you will need an app which is called “WhatsTools“, You can download it from here: http://bit.ly/1jAqmWT

WhatsTools App


  1. Download the WhatsTools app (For Android)
  2. Install it
  3. Open the WhatsTools app
  4. Click on “TURN ON SERVICE” > button
  5. You will be redirected to you phone’s Accessibility (Settings), Now scroll down and look for “WhatsTools Service” and activate it
  6. Then it will ask you to connect to Google Drive, Just follow the on-screen instructions and allow the app to connect with Google Drive
  7. Done! Your WhatsTools app is ready (You can directly send the files and documents using WhatsTools OR you can follow the step further to make it work as a WhatsApp extension)
  8. Now open WhatsApp
  9. Select a user (Your friends/relative) to whom you want to share the large files
  10. Just tap on the attachment icon and there you will find a new window of WhatsTools
  11. Just select the option (File sharing option) and you are done!!!

Here is a video tutorial, Made by “SREERAJ M (YouTube User)”:

Now with this tool you can share large files with your friends and relatives

Some of the best features of WhatsTools:

  1. It can work on any messenger app
  2. There is an auto download option
  3. There is a video preview option (You can view a short clip (Thumbnail Size) from which you can decide whether you want to download the video or not)

That’s it!! Hope you liked this tutorial :). If you have another trick regarding WhatsApp sharing feature then you can tell us via comment section below

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