In previous article I posted about recovering the data from corrupted/crashed storage device (Link : which is similar to this article but this article is all about android and iOS, So in this article I will guide you on How you can recover/restore data from your Android/iOS devices. So lets get started :

What you need? :

There is a software called “Dr.Fone” (from which will help you to recover/restore data from iOS OR Android device. It is very simple and safe to use and it can restore *almost all the data very quickly!!  No matter what your phone’s symptom is ie. Data Loss/Water Damage/Busted Parts/Factory Setting Restore…..It will recover anything!!

How to restore/recover data from Android/iOs devices

Some of its features (Quick List of Dr.Fone) :

– Contacts
– Text Messages
– Images
– Audio
– Video
– Documents and much more

So how to get started? :

1) Download the software from here :
– Dr.Fone for Android :
– Dr.Fone for iOS :
– Dr.Fone for iOS (Mac Users) :

You can also download the full cracked version (For Windows) from here (For iOS and Android) :  (Dropbox link). This full version is compiled by Do2Dear.Net

2) Now install it on your OS
3) Connect your device

How to restore/recover data from Android/iOs devices
Example : Using Dr.Fone for Android
How to restore/recover data from Android/iOs devices
Example : Initializing my Moto X

4) Done!! Now sit back and wait

How to restore/recover data from Android/iOs devices
It’s time to retrieve the data!!

For full android guide :
For full iOS guide :
For full iOS guide (Mac Users) :

Note :
1) If you connect an android device then it can ask you to connect it with “USB debugging mode” for this you need to follow these steps :
a) For Android 2.3 or Earlier :
– Go to Stetting > Applications > Development > Select “USB debugging”

b) For Android 3.0 to 4.1 :
– Go to Settings > Developer options > Select “USB debugging”

c) For Android 4.2 or Up :
– Go to Settings > About Phone > Tap on “Build number” (7 Times, Until you get “You are under developer mode” ) > Now go back to Settings > Developer Options > Select “USB debugging”

2) If you have a rooted android device then do not forget to to authorize your device using “Superuser Authorization“, For this you need to click on “Allow” when a message pops on your android screen

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There are many other softwares which can restore the data from your phone, But this is one of the best software which I have ever used/tested and the reason is because of its simple UI and the capability of recovering lots of data (Just with one click). So I recommend you to use this software to recover data from your phone and If you have any queries you can contact me OR you can also comment below

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