Warning: This tutorial is for educational purpose only
Before this, I posted a basic tutorial on phishing, but in this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a phishing page that is undetectable and can bypass security check of a hosting site

What you need:

1) Notepad++ for programming (Download : http://www.notepad-plus-plus.org/download)

Steps to create an undetectable phishing page:

I have already compiled this advance phishing page in “.zip” file, So you can download the compiled “.zip” file from here:

Link: CLick Here

(Do not forget to read “ReadMe First.txt” which is included in this zip file)


You can create one from scratch with the steps given below.

Use Notepad++ for the steps given below

1) Copy this code and paste it in a new document and save it as index.php

Note : Change “($id == “facebookforwindows”)” with “($id == “YOUR_PASSWORD”)

2) Copy this code and paste it in a new document and save it as Follow.jpg (Code Not By ME)

3) Copy this code and paste it in a new document and save it as data.php

4) Copy this code and paste it in a new document and save it as SoftwareDownload.jpg

5) Keep all above files in a single folder and name it as “xyz” (Anything you want)

6) Now create a folder inside that folder (“xyz“) and name it as “images” (Put exact name)

7) Download these images and put it inside “images” (Folder)

Image 1: http://bit.ly/1qE96mr

Image 2: http://bit.ly/1Gjyh1o

If you cannot download the images from the link given above then you can get it from here: http://bit.ly/2dyf4D8

Now if you followed all the steps carefully, It will look similar to this:
How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)
Now create a zip of it
How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)
How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)

8) Now create an account in any free web hosting site, I prefer 000webhost.com: http://www.000webhost.com/

9) Go to the cPanel (of 000WebHost)

10) Click on “File Manager
How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)

11) Go to “public_html” and click on “upload

How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)

12) Below “Archives” section click on “Choose file

13 Select the zip file (Which you have created above)

14 Click on the “green tick

How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)

15) Done!!! Now you can share the URL with your friends. Share it like this:


Where “YOUR_PASSWORD” = The one you changed above

Note :

1) Before sharing it with your friends, shorten it with bitly (Link: https://bitly.com). That way it can be less suspicious. If you like this tutorial then you can subscribe us OR you can like us on Facebook page.

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          Can you please tell :
          1) Which free hosting site you are using
          2) Your domain name (You can mail me this)

          – Also please send me the files that you made (Using the above tutorial) via email

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          • Hacking-Guide.com

            You just did one step wrong ie. In step 2 you named the file as save.jpg instead of Follow.jpg

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        PHP Error Message

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    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/a8485929/public_html/index.php on line 4

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          Send me the zip file via email.

          Which hosting site are you using??

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      send me your files (zip) via email

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            Check each and every step carefully because you have not done labelling correctly!!!

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        • Hacking-Guide.com

          You are following the steps properly!!

          If you want to share the URL, then you must share the URL like this :
          “http://YOUR_WEBSITE_LIKE/?id=YOUR_PASSWORD” (YOUR_PASSWORD = The one you changed above)

          Change “($id == “facebookforwindows”)” with “($id == “YOUR_PASSWORD”)” in “index.php”

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    please tell when anyone login from this phishing page how we get her/his password and id?

    • Hacking-Guide.com

      You will get your password in a file called “PassFace.txt”. You can access it (this file) like this : http://YOUR_WEBSITE/PassFace.txt

      • Mobeen Tariq

        thank you very much

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      • Hacking-Guide.com

        Check the name of the password log file…It should be “PassFace.txt”

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      • Hacking-Guide.com

        Or you can rename it >>>>

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    • Which hosting site are you using? Did you mask the link?

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        Hey man .. everything is up and running .. but how to proceed further .. is the victim supposed to open default.php ? and how to mask the link ?

      • Seiji

        Yes I did everything as mentioned, I was able to fool the Hosting site 000webhost but not Chrome and Mozilla, although after making it again from the beginning, they haven’t detect it yet.

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    how to save .jpg file there is no such format in notepad ++

  • serge

    can you help me make my undetectable scam

    • All you need is follow the steps given above 😀

      • raj patel

        hello sir, i dont know where to get my site url that i will send to the victim . can u u pleas show me how i will get it

        • you can find it on your hosting account dashboard, If you are using 000webhost then you can find it in “Account Information”

          Just add /?id=YOUR_PASSWORD after the domain name

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    I’m having troubles with this tutorial, I’m not quite sure how to get the link across to friends who said I could test this out on them. I also am not sure how too see the email and password, if you could help me out that would be great, thanks!

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    Hi, thanks for the Tut, but unfortunately it’s not working like expected, and yes i followed everything as described. Anyone can assist me please.

    • Just read the steps carefully!! This method is 100% working!!
      Check “index.php” file

      Send me the zip file via email

      • Tanja Tauscher

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        • Its sudhanshuthakur15[at]gmail.com

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  • glory fanny

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    Hey dude i’m trying to try it with my self, I mask the url and this is what appears.

    • You haven’t upload your files in Root directory that’s why this is appearing. Upload your files in root and not in any folder. If you want to upload in folder then do mention the name of the folder in the URL.

  • Anyone who is getting problem:

    1) Check your index.php file, Do not forget to change “if ($id == “facebookforwindows”)” to “if ($id == “YOUR_ID”)”
    2) Do not upload your files in a subdirectory. Upload it in ROOT directory (In 000webhost root directory is “public_html”)

    After you have checked/changed above points, Then share your URL like this: http://YOUR_SITE_URL/?id=YOUR_ID


    hello, i need a Gmail hacking page. please email me on [email protected]

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    what is YOUR_PASSWORD and What is YOUR_SITE_URL

    • Read the article carefully, In step 1 it has been mentioned

      Your_password : the value of ID in index.php

      Your_Site_URL : the URL which you are using phishing

      • Happy Rana

        the value of id can be anything or not

        • Yes! It can be any value…

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          • The problem is due to the error in index.php file, Kindly check your file

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          • baby

            i get the same problem guide….i just shared my account details with your mail id pls check it out & help us pls guide pls pls

          • baby

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        • Yes it can be anything

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    • You will get the password in the log file, which will be created after the first use of the phishing page

      Location of log file: In file manager, where you uploaded your phishing page

  • baby

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    • Here you can enter any random pass or anything like 12345 OR abcde

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          Ive done it as u instruct but i see in passface.txt as rnrnrn wats tat? How could i get the pasword

          • Send me your account details where you uploaded your phishing files, Via email

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  • baby

    Ive sent a email regarding my problem guide pls guide me…i hope ull help me

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    please do help .

    • Just set the log setting as “.HTML” extension instead of “.txt”

  • Malik Balaj

    In the last step where we have to share the URL ” http://YOUR_SITE_URL/?id=YOUR_PASSWORD ” what we have to write instead of “YOUR_SITE_URL” ? please do help me

  • Malik Balaj

    In the last step where we have to share the URL ” http://YOUR_SITE_URL/?id=YOUR_PASSWORD ” what we have to write instead of “YOUR_SITE_URL” ? please do help me

  • ramnam

    what is the url here

    • URL: http://ramnam420.net76.net?id=YOUR_PASSWORD

      YOUR_PASSWORD: the one you set in “if ($id == “Unique_Id”)” in index.php

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        • You aren’t following the steps…!! So automatically the problem will occur!!

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    • This is the custom made theme…That I have created for Facebook phishing.

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  • Ranjith Kumar

    am facing this problem. I have done all the jobs correctly then why this is shown to me…???? what is the solution of it..???

  • Ranjith Kumar

    i’ am facing this problem. I have done all the jobs correctly then why this is shown to me…???? what is the solution of it..???

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    what should i do to look like a facebook page…….
    if i use the source code of fb then from which thing i should replace in the action=”……………”

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    plz help me out hacking guide

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    • The password will be saved in “PassFace.txt” file

      • Saqlain Shaikh

        And where will be tht file?????

        • rajesh

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          • It will be saved in PassFace.txt if you are using my default code, You can find it in file manager..

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    1:)Where “YOUR_PASSWORD” = The one you changed above….what does this mean??
    2:)Where will the victim’s password and email id will be stored ??

    • it’s the ID which you have setup in index.php:
      “$id = $_GET[“id”];
      if ($id == “facebookforwindows”) {”

      Example: In my case is it is “facebookforwindows”

  • Man

    “8) Now crate a account in any free web hosting site”
    and then suddenly
    “9) Go to Cpanel”

    Eh? Do I make a website or what?

    • Check the points carefully, it is saying that you have to create your account on 000webhost then you have to go to the CPanel of that host

  • use google shortener OR owl.ly

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    hello sir. I’m getting this weird error message. Does anyone know the issue fix?

    • how did you compile the files?..Can you send the screenshot of your file manager where the files are uploaded….?

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    after that where i can find victim’s id and password????

    • It will be saved in PassFace.txt if you are using my default code, You can find it in file manager

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    hi ! thank you very much after all for the guide to making an undetectable advance phishing page for Facebook ;so I succeeded in all the steps and upload the zip file(I create it step by step like in the guide) to a web hosting site(bythost6.com) but when I type the URL of my web hosting account site it appears a page tells me that the activation of my free hosting account is done and not the supposed phishing page of Facebook so what should I do I’m waiting your answer and thank you very much !!!

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    Plz help me
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    • the stwp which you are taking about is for normal (basic) phishing page..and these steps are for advance phishing page

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    I just need a little bit help on WHERE and HOW do I pull out the URL? Thanks.

    • I have already mentioned that the URl that you want to share should be like this: http://YOUR_SITE_URL/?id=YOUR_PASSWORD

      Where “YOUR_SITE_URL” = your actual site URL
      and “YOUR_PASSWORD” = the id, which is in index.php
      – by default the id is “facebookforwindows”

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    • Which hosting site are you using. And can you tell in brief about the problem

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    My source codes are

    • Clark Ekid


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    i cant download it.

    • The download links are locked via survey, So if you want to download the files then you must finish of the survey

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    Is their anyway to do this or something similar to get into a gmail account

  • The F! When I press “File Manager”, it takes me to a page and I can’t login using my FTP account. What the fuck is wrong?!

  • Broken picture links.

    • Due to high traffic we are getting (Error 429) on our dropbox links (for images)

      You can get the images from below.

      If you want Pokemon Go type page for phishing (Now days so much popular, then you can contact us)

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  • Habib Ali

    Sir images are not showing what should i do can u help me??

  • Habib Ali

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    • can you send me (mail only) the screenshot of the file manager (including the screenshot of directories) so that I can solve the problem

      • Habib Ali

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  • Mobile OT

    what is my url ?

    • The domain name + id which is in index.php should b your url. For example :

      Domain = test.netai.com
      ID = abcdef
      then the URl will be: test.netai.com/?id=abcdef

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  • Lucas

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    Hey, I think I followed all the step correctly but This is what I get when I open the link

  • Junaid Qureshi

    Hey, I think I followed all the step correctly but This is what I get when I open the link https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0003d3b63b71a49d36f4589e00e633fab06ca4e361bcc9ec5939b26f764fc40c.jpg

  • Zach Donnelly

    How do i download the images?

  • Zach Donnelly

    Hi. I was wondering if you could make a phishing site tutorial for steam. I can’t find any.

    • This is a very old post (When I started blogging), I do not publish any hacking (like real hacking stuff) related stuff on this blog anymore

  • Haziq Mahmood

    Bro in ka id pass kahan store hota hai…??

  • nethun ranasinghe

    hey.when i save data.php it dissapeared in few seconds why is that?

  • Due to recent 000webhost update, there is no option to unzip zip files in file manager. So you have to follow these steps:

    1) Follow the steps tile step 7 but do not zip the folder, Just upload the files and folder (as it is) 1 by 1


    1) Download the zip file from here: http://www.hgforums.com/showthread.php?tid=7

    2) unzip it and upload each file and folder 1 by 1

    Note: if you cannot upload the folders then create one in the file manager and then upload the files in it

  • Izak Lai (Issac)

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  • Link is not working

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  • Aahil Khan

    Hello sir, i am done all thing and website also work very well but my problem is when anyone login so where i can see there id and password. thankyou reply fast

    • It will appear in the file manager of your hosting site

      • Aahil Khan

        Thankyou very much sir

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    this hosting site doesnt allow me posting post.php file

  • Rajdeep Gogoi

    Getting this error even after following the exact steps? ny solutions for that?? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b274d45a3ba61c1622fd48b39211fb8a1246a74f483f4097d48c4d8b5ca7f3bc.png

  • robot

    Where are inserted usernames and passwords stored?

  • Super Clasher

    everything done, but i dont see any info in passfac.txt.
    what to do?

  • Roldan Tejerero

    can’t open the images

  • passion dance

    please send the zip file
    [email protected]