To get lots of exposure on something (ie. Banner, Links..etc) many professional bloggers who are using wordpress as their blogging platform uses sticky widgets, This is a very effective way to get exposure and impressions on banners/links/navigation pannel and believe me it helps alot..!!

So what are Sticky Widgets?

The widgets which keeps scroll with the scroll of the mouse. These widgets will visible all the time while the visitors scrolls.On wordpress platform you can easily get these type of plugins (Sticky Widget Plugins), But when it’s about blogspot platform then there are no such plugins/tools that can be easily integrate and work..So..That is why I have made this tutorial which will help you to make any of your blogspot widget sticky!!!
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How to make blogspot blog Widgets Sticky

Demo :

You can see the demo on this blog….Check out the sidebar, Scroll down and you will note that “Recommended Hosting :” is following you

Screenshot :

How to make blogspot blog Widgets Sticky

Steps to make blogspot blog widgets sticky:

To make any of your widget sticky use these steps :

1) Copy this code (I got this code from “Google Code“):

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2) Now go to your Blogger’s Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
3) Search for “</body>” an paste this code above it
4) Now replace “WIDGET_ID” with the your widget id (Which you want to make sticky). Example : In my case I wanted to make “Recommended Hosting :” widget sticky so I replaced it’s widget id with “WIDGET_ID“.
5) Done!!

How to make blogspot blog Widgets Sticky

How to check/get the widget id?

To check the widget id, Follow these steps :

1) Click on the widget (Edit the widget)
2) Now in the URL box, search for “widgetId=

I used “Recommended Hosting :” widget as an example :

How to make blogspot blog Widgets Sticky

3) Congratulations, You have got your widget id!!!

Tips on where to use these sticky widgets :

1) We recommend you to use this sticky widgets in the sidebar of your blog, To get more exposure and impressions on your banner/links

2) Use this sticky widget in your blog’s subscription box to get more subscribers
3) Do not make your Google Adsense ad OR any other ad (widget) sticky, Or you can get ban from these ad networks

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Do let me know on how you are using these sticky widgets and which banner/link you are using for more exposure and expressions. We request you to share this article as much as possible as it will help other bloggers. If you have any queries then you can contact us OR comment us below

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