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People download mobile apps and games very often to have fun. But, due to many reasons that range from ads to just getting bored, they tend to remove your game very fast after installing it. No matter what type of game you might have, be it Teen Patti, casino based, action games or skill based titles, all of these can get deleted if the users are getting bored or from a variety of other reasons.

Here are a few indications on why people might uninstall your game (app):

Deleting Apps

Too many ads:

Games that have too many ads are not a pleasure to play. They just make the experience more convoluted and simply unnecessary. Developers need to refrain from using too many ads otherwise their experience might not be good at all. Users will never like their experience being disturbed by ads so integrating a more creative way to make money is indeed necessary for them.

Lengthy forms:

If consumers have to complete lengthy forms then that will lead to a whole lot of troubling situations. The best thing you can do is to avoid adding in this type of forms because no one has the time to answer questions, especially mobile gamers.

Asking for ratings:

It’s ok to ask for ratings once or twice each hour, but doing that after each level or player action is not good at all. It just won’t manage to offer a great user experience and, as a result, the outcome will not be as good as you want it to be.

Collecting unnecessary data:

People don’t like apps that require a lot of permissions. They will always study the data that an app collects and if an app/game does require a lot more data than it should, then they will most likely try to choose a replacement. That is very important to keep in mind. Ask only what’s necessary and refrain from the unnecessary stuff as this will provide you with the best experience in the end.

User friendliness:

Users will always enjoy a user friendly interface. They never want to deal with the convoluted and low quality interface that a game might bring to them, and that’s why you have to provide a unique, yet easy to use interface that will be very easy to use.

The game requires too much space:

While desktop games can have up to 100GB, the mobile phones don’t really have that much space to waste on games. This is the reason why people are always trying to install small games. The best storage requirement should always be within 50-100 MB as this is the sweet spot. If the game is complex it can ask for more, but you have to show value because storage space is precious for mobile users.

In conclusion, these are the main reasons why people are uninstalling your game app. Remember, you need to show value and great user-friendliness if you want to obtain more installs and players, otherwise the experience might not be as good as you expect in the end.

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This Guest Post is Submitted By: Harish Pal

Harish Pal (Twitter) is a digital marketer at Gamentio. A computer engineer by education,  social games enthusiast, and also likes to read and write about latest gaming and game development technologies

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