If you are a blogger then you should know that how important it is to get traffic on your blogs, As you share and promote your knowledge through blogs. There are many sources and social media site like Facebook, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest through which you can get traffic to your blog. But do you know that WhatsApp is one of the most important source from where you can get huge traffic.

WhatsApp was launched in 2008 and since then the no of users using WhatsApp is more than Facebook and any other social media sites!!! You can see from a Case-Study (InfoGraphic) given below that show WhatsApp is now the no1 social media app to get more traffic than any other social media site:

Image Courtesy : http://techinfographics.com

Now you must have known the power of WhatsApp.

Why WhatsApp Sharing Button for blog?

As you can see from the above infographic that WhatsApp is getting popular day by day by getting more traffic than Facebook and you must have already seen the live example that now days people are using WhatsApp more than anything. So, if someone will share your blog article via WhatsApp sharing button then just imagine that how much traffic will you get on that day as compare to the other days? Of course the traffic will be more! :p. So what are you waiting for? If you are interested then you can proceed below:

How to add WhatsApp share button on blogs?

Just follow these steps to add WhatsApp sharing button on your blog:

If you have Blogger (Blogspot) blog then follow these steps:

There are 2 methods:

1) By inserting a unique code manually

2) By using a popular site like AddThis to get WhatsApp sharing button

Method 1 – By inserting a unique code manually:

1) Copy this code (Not by us):

2) Now go to Blogger (Blogspot) Blog’s Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML

3) Paste this code before closing of the “ </head> ” tag

4) Save your template and you are done!!

Method 2 – By using a popular site like AddThis to get WhatsApp sharing button

1) Go to AddThis.com

2) Create your account

3) Go to your Tools and get your desired tool (Which have WhatsApp sharing button in it) and follow the steps

4) Done!!


If you don’t want to use AddThis Tools, Then just go to this site “http://whatsapp-sharing.com/” and follow the steps

If you have WordPress blog then follow these steps:

There are many tools (Plugins) for WordPress through which you can add WhatsApp sharing button on your blog, But I will tell you one of the best method:

1) Get the Plugin from here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/whatsapp/

2) Install the Plugin in your WordPress blog

3) Go to plugin page and activate your plugin

4) Done!!

I hope you must have added the WhatsApp sharing button on your blog, Please do tell us which method did you follow for your blog and If you have any other method then do share it with us via comment section. If you face any problem then do not forget to contact us OR you can also comment below

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  • AG

    Is there a way I can manually add “whatsapp” button on my WordPress blog?

    • Yes there is a way, Just see the tutorial given on this site: http://whatsapp-sharing.com/

      • How to create same button this blog whatsapp,fb, twitter for share mobile view

      • farisfath25

        Great guide, thanks! HOwever I suspected something fishy there. I am aware that you may inject some codes inside where you would get any “advantage” from everyone who implement your codes

  • Robin Chandra

    in blogger paste the code in html….whatsapp share button is not available…please help me

    • I think the code is not working (will update the code soon), Till then you can use the 2nd method

      • Robin Chandra

        whatsapp add button is not available

        • Thats what I am saying….Till then you can use social buttons from addthis.com

          • Robin Chandra

            How to add WhatsApp share button on blogs?
            this is your posts
            how to add whatsapp share button
            tell the proper answer