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You often fail to realize the adverse effects of your slow website. The outcome is usually slow but calamitous. Importantly, the causes behind the mediocre performance of the website are incomprehensible in the budding stage.

Businesses largely accredit it to issues in their product or services and hardly realize that it is due to poor hosting service that they have opted with.

While you may have put in huge amounts to start your business; it doesn’t help if your website is hosted by an ordinary provider. Your website reveals your business and does all the marketing. Ecommerce businesses simply cannot see their transactions timing out.

Most hosting companies would promise you an uptime of 99.99%; however it’s important to dig in the facts. Ensure it is pure uptime and doesn’t involve fluctuating page speeds. A website loading slow is as good as a complete outage.

Understand that an expensive provider may not necessarily offer best services. Similarly, a reasonably priced host may accommodate your website more effectively than you think.

Study the catalogue well with clear information on instant fee, recurring amount and also the refund policy which might come into picture if you are not satisfied. Going for a free trial is always a good option for small businesses.

A good customer support proves vital when you are confronted with emergencies. Imagine your host taking prolonged time to resolve your issue when you are actually in a middle of a launch. A 24×7 support available on phone and chat expedites the resolution.

Availability of a cPanel and listing of business details on the vendor’s site are other imperative things to watch out for.

Let us take a look at the infographic below that broadly depicts what all factors should effectively be considered while making a choice for a good web host


Here are 10 things that makes webhosting good:

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Good WebHosting

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