What will you do in situation where your laptop’s/desktop’s speaker isn’t working and you want to listen song / watch movies?

Don’t worry I found a solution for that (Obviously it was available on the internet)!!

This is one of the best method if you want temporary “WORKING” speakers for your laptop/desktop

All you need is your android mobile and an app which you can download for FREE!

So here is a tutorial on How to use Android Phone as Computer Speaker:

What you will need:

  1. Your Android Phone/Tablet
  2. SoundWire Android App (Download Link: Click here to download FREE version | Click here to download FULL version)
  3. SoundWire software for Desktop/Laptop (Click here to download) – Choose the software version according to your operating system
  4. Internet Connection
  5. Brain

So let’s get started:


  1. Download and install the SoundWire app on your android phone/Tablet, Link mentioned above
  2. Download and install the SoundWire software on your laptop/Desktop, Link mentioned above
  3. Open the SoundWire software on your laptop/desktop and select the audio source as “Default multimedia deviceSoundWire Software Activate
  4. Now open the SoundWire app on your android phone/tablet click on connect (Just click on the wire like icon). It will connect automatically. If you are using two different connection then just tap on the server section and put the ip which is given on the SoundWire software and then click on the SoundWire logo.
    SoundWire App Activate
  5. Done!! Now you can watch videos OR listen to songs using your android phone/tablet as speaker.

Note: Both the app and the software should run on same server

That’s it. Hope you liked this tutorial, If you have any queries then you can ask it in the comment section below.

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