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It’s been almost a decade that we have been using smartphones now, and there are some parental control and spy apps that are just as old as the smartphone technology itself. Apps like mSpy, Flexispy Mobistealth are a few “oldies” that have shadowed the spy app industry for years now. A common mistake that most of the users do is to only rely on big brands and names for parental control apps, in reality, there are many other options with a good bundle of features and pricing that can be considered. One such app is Trackmyfone.

Released just a few months ago, Trackmyfone is just like that newbie at the gym who is genetically predisposed with high-performance and endurance— the only difference—it’s newbie in the digital world who can easily take on giant spy apps aforementioned.

Read this trackmyfone review and decide for yourself if this app really has the potential to be the best parental control.

Trackmyfone: Overview—features and pricing:

Trackmyfone is a parental and employee monitoring software that can be installed onto any Android and iOS device. Amazingly, the app has all the monitoring features of any quality smartphone app. It’s a fairly new product so there is still a lot to discover about it.

Trackmyfone App


Trackmyfone is a phone logs tracker that can monitor calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, contacts and even calendar entries. Not only that, it will track real-time location of your monitored users, using the built-in GPS of their smartphones. If you are worried about your kids’ binge smartphone use, you can access their chats, photos, videos and audio from various instant messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, Line, Skype, iMessage and Kik. There is also a Remote Control access that allows remote device locking and data wipe from the target device.


What else do you need from your parental control? Trackmyfone has everything that’s necessary for effective monitoring. It’s also one of the cheapest monitoring apps that you can get your hands on. There is a basic package that starts from $8.33/month and a premium one that starts from $12.49/month. For iOS devices, there is also a Nojailbreak version that also starts from $8.33//month.

Why Buy Trackmyfone?

Smartphone monitoring app can cost you a fortune. For example, Flexispy is an advanced spy app but you only get to avail those features at a hefty starting price of $99/month. Trackmyfone on the other hand will only cost you a tiny portion of what others are charging. Features offered are also pretty decent and there is no reason why anyone would go for expensive apps like Flexispy or mSpy.


Trackmyfone is apparently, a fair choice of app with its exceptionally low pricing and satisfactory features. However, just like almost every other spy app, Trackmyfone is also lacking the block and censor feature. It’s actually quite disappointing that neither existing, nor new apps are taking care of this vital monitoring feature.

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