Warning : This tutorial is for educational purpose only!

Facebook is the most popular social networking site and also the most wanted site for hacking. Most newbies on the web search about the methods on how they can hack Facebook. So i have decided to guide you on some of the best methods to hack Facebook

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Top ways to hack Facebook (Educational) (Methods Only)
Methods :

1) Sniffing Attack :

It is a kind of attack in which the hacker listen to the conversation between between the victim/(s). In his method the hacker attacks the client and the server and can relay message between them.

2) Phishing :

Very common method and basic method in which a hacker creates a fake login page to retrieve credentials from the victim which can include password,email,credit/debit card no.
Visit : http://www.hacking-guide.com/search/label/phishing to know more about phishing

3) Social Engineering :

It is more about guessing and this method can be perform by anyone there is no exact tool needed to perform social engineering attack on the victim a “FAKE” convincing email can help allot to perform this type of attack.

4) Keylogging :

One of the best way to hack, In this method a hacker creates a bot (Infected File) which can be further send to the victim and if the victim execute the file then everything he does can be recorded by the hacker. Example : If the victim type/do anything on the computer in which he has executed the bot (Infected File) then that will be record and further will be mailed to hacker

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5) Season Hijacking :

In this method a hacker can steal browser’s cookie of his/her victim, that can be further use to access victim’s account.

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