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What makes for a good VPN? Our yardsticks of measurement include the 5 essential qualities: anonymity, price, reliability, speed, and support. Check out these top VPN service providers.

List of Top Ten VPN Service Providers of 2016:

Top Ten VPN Service Providers


Torgard provides one of the best VPN experiences, with an anonymous VPN plan at $9.99/month. It has nearly 1250 servers in about 43 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, ensuring fast speed of download for users. Additionally, the product comes with a Windows, Mac and Mobile version with additional multi-device (up to 5 at a time) support. Its VPN protocols include OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, and “Stealth VPN” which cover pretty much all your basic needs. The VPN service also comes with 24/7 support year-round.

Spotflux Premium:

Spotflux offers a free version, with a more premium edition that starts at just $4.99 (monthly) and $37.99 (annual). Users can benefit from multiple servers located across North America. In terms of versions, you have support for Windows, Mac, and smartphones. It includes services such as fast internet speeds, ad blocking facilities, enterprise-level network security services and support for up to give devices. Users also get a no-speed throttle experience on the Spotflux Premium. They have dedicated customer support available for premium users too.

Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot Shield comes with a free download version, as well as a more Elite version. Benefits include a secure WiFi connection, proxy unblocking facilities, and anonymous web-browsing, as well as easy setup. This VPN service uses encryption for traffic, has flexible payment options, and has various servers available across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia too. Additionally, there are Windows, Mac and mobile versions of the software available for use. Multi-device usage is restricted to the class-specific 5 user policy. Hotspot offers you dedicated customer support and cloud-based malware protection too.

Private Internet Access:

This is hands-down the best rated VPN service across the board, available at a monthly price of $6.95, and a yearly price of $39.95. PIA has nearly 3021 servers spread across 32 locations, offers virtual IP addresses in the range of approximately 3000, and uses multiple VPN encryption protocols including PPTP and OpenVPN. There are no disabled services or bandwidth limits on this platform, which also supports multi-device use, Windows and Mac Oss, etc. With PIA, you can have fast, unrestricted access, protect your anonymity with hidden IPs, and also enable Wi-Fi security.


ExpressVPN has several features, including a no log-file policy. The monthly plans start at $12.95, but if you subscribe annually costs come down to $8.32/month (and you can use BitCoin payments too!) The company offers good customer support benefits, anonymous payment methods, high network speeds as well. As far as multi-device support goes, this service can support only two devices logged in at once. You can use the VPN service for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android through simple apps. In terms of encryption, you get 256-bit encryption and SSL security with unlimited bandwidth and speeds. Located in cities across America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, they provide good speeds as well.

Nord VPN:

This VPN service takes internet privacy very seriously, so the only thing they ask for registration is your email ID, beyond which it has a strict no-log and no-monitoring tools policy. Nord, based out of Panama, also uses third party support tools without linking them to customer accounts. Payments are accepted through PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. which can help establish anonymity as well. Nord VPN also encrypts traffic, using two-layered encryptions to secure all data. Their servers are located over 42 different countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, UK and US. Nord provides unrestricted internet access, safe Wi-Fi, superfast servers, automatic kill switches and more.


This is a really good service which provides decent internet speeds but incredible range of services and protection it provides. The service has about 68 servers located globally, including in areas like Romania, Ukraine, Latvia, and the Netherlands. There’s a three-day trial at 1GBP, with prices that go to 7 for a month, 30 for 6months, and 54 for 12 months. Minimum bandwidth is around 4MB/s, with latencies of 5ms. Specs include no logs, manual configuration options, multi device access (up to 3 devices at a time), OpenVPN encryption protocols, P2P allowances, support for Linux, OS X, Windows, TOR, etc.

Hide My Ass:

Hide My Ass! Is a popular product which starts at prices of $11.52 (1-month plan) and $6.55/month (annual subscription plan). It comes with the standard 128-bit security encryption, OpenVPN, IPSEC and PPTP protocols, remote access, etc. It also gives unlimited internet access with unblocked video streaming and website facilities. The company located in the USA has nearly 788 servers spread over 151 countries, offering nearly 105,000 IP addresses to users. Clients can use platforms including OS X, Windows, Linux, and smartphones (iOS and Android, both).

Vypr VPN:

Despite not having a no-log or anonymous payment policy, VyperVPN is actually a trusted service for many users across the globe. Their automatically renewed plans start at $6.67 (1 year, basic) and go up to $19.99 (1 month, Premier). Three-key encryption is coupled with their own private protocol (Chameleon) to offer better security. Additionally, the Vypr VPN allows you to watch Hulu/Netflix/Video streaming from locked countries or providers. They have nearly 200,000 IP addresses, are spread over 48 countries, and own about 710+ servers globally. As for platforms, Vypr supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


IVPN has a thrust area on the no-log and bitcoin anonymity policy: plus, it even gives you a 7days money-back guarantee. Accessible on Win, Mac, Linux, Smartphones, this VPN service is available in only 6 countries and has about 15 servers. Monthly plans can be expensive at $20 for 1 month, but for an annual pack it averages out to $8.33. The encryption is a 2048-Bit RSA standard, with an always-on mode to ensure complete security. The service also provides unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switches and reconnects, and email or live-ticketing support systems.

That’s it! Hope you liked the list. If you have any other VPN in mind which is worth trying then you can tell us about it in the comment section below.

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