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Since technology became such an important aspect of our lives, it constantly evolves so staying “trendy” is already a big thing. In order to keep it that way, we need to take into consideration certain trends which will hopefully mark the year ahead of us. So, let us see what will be the most important tech which awaits us.

New Tech Watch

Wearable ones:

We all remember how much dust had been lifted around Apple’s Smartwatch, and its price. Trend of technology which user wears on his body will definitely continue to grow and develop. So, besides this manufacturer, we expect tough competition. Sony had already made a few serious steps toward this goal, as well as many others. From simple notification and alarm function, these will also have a roll of neat connection between you and your phone.

Google glasses:

According to some enthusiasts, this is the most expected gadget for the past few years. It is promised to have constant access to the Internet, with the access to social networks, giving you the opportunity to sink in with the Internet, and to live with it 24/7. Shopping, exploring and geo-tagging are also covered, and all of that is packed in beautifully designed glasses frame.

Google Glasses

Virtual reality:

This is already “The thing” of this year, but it has a lot more to evolve, in order to be the way we are imagining it. Spearheaded by Oculus project, it still needs trimming and leveling down to gain some neat, slick and appealing design. Video games and movies will not be the same, that much is certain, but in order to exploit its full advantages, it must go into the mainstream, so that average user may have access to it.

“Smart” devices:

TV is already branded as smart in the past few years, but we do not think that it will end here. Why not invest and develop smart washing machine, or smart plant pot? All of those devices are already in your home, so giving them access to the Internet via Wi-Fi would make things a lot easier. Imagine that you are leaving your work, and you open your application on the Smartphone, and turn on laundry machine, and give additional water to your plant, for there is an alarm for that. It would save time, and of course it would look awesome.

Smart TV


Not the weather forecast, but storing data in this way will definitely win over standard, physical drives. It is estimated that by the end of 2016. more than half of data will be stored in some kind of virtual drive. It will also boost the safety of data, because of specific encryption system, an approach which CloudsWave takes to tackle this problem. Although some people might steal your data, they will get only blocks of information, which could only be decoded by key which you possess.

Safe driving:

One more area of our lives is bound to be changed. Technology contained in every car will also evolve, along the way which Mr. Musk and his “Tesla” company had started. Already installed sensors can help you to park, and while fully autonomous cars are still a bit further away, self-parking ones are quite realistic to expect.

To put everything together, the future surely looks bright when it comes to technology. One thing is a setback, though. We need to sit patiently and wait.

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Dan Radak (Google+) is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.

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