As you all know how popular is snapchat these days, This is one of the top messaging app where you can exchange your photos, text, and videos. You can check out more about snapchat from here:


Now let’s talk about this cool, awesome hack that will fill more awesomeness to your snapchats.

So, Now you must be thinking that, What is this hack is and does it require some kind of coding?

Don’t worry! you won’t be needed any coding experience for this you just need to download some modules in your android mobile and should be a rooted android mobile. If your mobile is not rooted then you can root your mobile phone using this tutorial: How to root your android device

Warning: I will not be responsible if anything happens to your android mobile phone

OR you can stop right now (If you don’t want to root your android device)

If you are ready? Then let’s get started:

Now let’s talk about this amazing Snapchat hack:

So with these hack you can:

  1. Add different font color and styles
  2. You can add UNLIMITED text to your chat
  3. You can add custom fonts
  4. Add randomized background in Fonts
  5. And much more!!

Things you will need:

Xposed Installer:

(Very Important) – This can only install/run in rooted android mobiles


1) Download and Install Xposed installer on your rooted android mobile

2) Now open Xposed Installer and download these modules:

  • snapprefs
  • Snapchat Full Cation
  • SnapGroups
  • Snapshare
  • SnapColours
  • Keepchat

Tip: Just Go to Xposed Installer > Download and search for the modules given above (Check the screenshot given below)

a) Open Xposed Installer and click on Download

Click on Download

b) Now Click on Search icon (Magnify Glass), It is located on top of the Xposed InstallerClick on Search icon

c) Now just search the modules:

Search the modules

3) After installing each and every module mentioned above, You are done!!!

I have also found a video on YouTube, In which you can see how amazing these modules are and you can also take help on how to install these for your snapchat..Just check the video (Thanks to antwan0295 [YouTube Channel])

Now you have many more features in Snapchat, This method is 100% working just follow the steps carefully although these steps are easy. If you have any queries then you can comment below OR you can also contact us.

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