Online market is no different than offline one, where customers love to get the best. And both the worlds are highly competitive. But, getting more customers on your side becomes a bit tough for the online merchants, considering the fact that today’s consumers are more informed and highly picky. Being unique is the motto, be it the products, service, pricing, quality or marketing. And content is the most important aspect of online marketing. Thus, creating interesting and catchy content is of utmost importance if you are into content marketing, irrespective of the type of merchant you are. Be it a fashion site, a health site, a coupon site or a simple blog, content still remains the king.

Why and how engaging?

Engaging Content


It is not only you who may be developing content for the targeted consumers. There are lots of other players in the market who are working to be at the top. The consumers get overwhelmed with all the contents that they receive everyday. And it is quite likely that you would simply be lost in the crowd. So, the best way to stay in business and also at the top is developing content that people can relate to and finds intriguing as well. So, you got your answer to why you need to develop engaging content.

Now, moving on to how engaging a content should be. It needs to be highly engaging, although the level of engagement is highly dependent on perspective. But, that is where the trick lies. You need to learn the trick that will help you develop an all encompassing content, that would prove to be interesting enough for all the readers, irrespective of who are they and where are they. And it is only the first few seconds within which the attention of a reader is to be locked down on. Or else, the game will be lost.

The tips and tricks

Here are few content writing tips that may be helpful for your content marketing endeavor:

  1. An intriguing title and an interesting first sentence is a must. The title and the first sentence needs to be interesting so that it hooks your readers at the first go. And simply being interesting may not work. It will also have to convey the essence of the content. Readers have the tendency to go through only the title and first few lines or sub headings. You can use quotations, thought provoking queries or story lines to make things interesting. Well, if you are thinking that interesting title and first line is everything that you need to do about content marketing, then think twice. Each and every sentence will have to be gripping, which will goad on the consumers to continue reading the content.
  1. Content doesn’t simply mean website content or articles and blog posts. Definitely, blog writing is important, but all others forms of content are equally important. Be it the messages you send to your consumers or the content used on social media or meta descriptions, every write up will have to be relevant to your business and interesting at the same time. This can be a tough job to be attained, but if you can realize it, there can be no stopping.
  1. Create a blog, as it is the basis of drawing attention of more people, thereby getting more traffic to your site. Traffic is directly proportional to sales and success of any business. Contribute articles to the blog on a regular basis and also get guest bloggers to post relevant articles to your site.
  1. Using the right keywords is important too. Right keywords along with captivating content can bring in more traffic to your site. How? Keywords are supposed to reflect the theme of a website or a webpage. And Google indexes sites on the basis of keywords. So, using right keywords can help improve search engine ranking. It is known as keyword optimization and this increases site visibility by a considerable degree. That is, your site will show up high in the search list and people tend to visit sites, which are listed in the first 2 to 3 pages of the search list.

But, these are not all. You need to make sure that you are not copying content from anywhere else, or else Google is going to blacklist you. And not only that, engaging content will always have to be unique. It cannot be copy and pasted from anywhere. There are even more ways in which you can make your content interesting for your readers. Will share more such content development tips in the next post on online marketing.

That’s it!! These were the top ideas for writing engaging content, If you any other idea then please do share it via comment section below.

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