Whenever we publish a post there is always one think in our mind and that is to get (instant) traffic on that post, But as you all know that it is not possible. Publishing a post is one thing and getting traffic on it is another. So in this tutorial I will show you that how you can get instant traffic on your posts with these top hacks!!Also Read : How to optimise your Adf.ly Earning

Top Hacks to get instant hits on your blog post
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Methods :

1) Use sites like “AddMeFast” OR “Trafficsia” :

Using these site will let you get instant traffic for a short period of time. For this first you have to register here :
– AddMeFast : http://addmefast.com
– Trafficsia : http://trafficsia.com

These sites work on “Exchange System“. So if you want to get traffic on your blog post then first you have to surf someone else post.
Example : When you will surf someone else’s blog post then you will get some points, Using these points you can get hits on your blog post.

Note :
– This method is not appropriate for right blogging (tips) (*Can effect in SEO), So we are not encouraging anyone to use this method.
– This method is temporary (Will not work for long time of period)

2) Share your blog posts on Reddit :

Reddit is the biggest social networking (Posting/Writting) community on web where you can share your post, Every month reddit gets 70 million hits / month (According to some analytics/stats sharing sites). There are currently 174 million+ users on reddit. So you can imagine that what will happen if you will share your blog posts on reddit (You can/will definitely get *100+ instant hits)

Note :
– Please read the rules before registering to reddit OR you can get banned. You can find the rules here :

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3) Share your blog posts on StumbleUpon :

It is a discovery engine where a user can find web content of his/her’s choice and can also recommend to another user/s. Here you can share blog posts, photos, videos and other web contents. StumbleUpon is one of the best traffic generating social media site in the web

Bonus :

1) Share your blog posts on popular forums
2) You can use WhatsApp to share your post and get instant traffic
3) Sharing blog posts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ will also work, But this method only works until and unless you have high no. of followers, likers or subscribers (So, Read this guide : How to get more likes/subscribers/followers/views/hits on your page/site)

So these were the best hacks that can bring instant traffic on your blog posts, Hope you liked it. Please do tell us that which method worked for you. If you have any others hacks (Methods to get instant traffic) then please do share it with us, You can post it in the comment section.

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