People surf of web to fetch information/s or to entertain themselves (via musics, movies or seasons). But sometimes while surfing a website you may get an error/restrictions like:

  • 403 Forbidden Error
  • Website is blocked
  • Web page is not available

And because of these restrictions/error you cannot access the site, So that case do not loose your hope as there is a way (actually there are many ways) through which you can access these sites like:

  • Using a VPN
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Using proxy websites – We will use this method

But in this tutorial I will tell you how you can access these blocked sites using top proxy websites of 2016, If you want to access a site with restrictions by using any other method then you can read this tutorial:

Let’s get started:

List of top free proxy sites 2016:

RankProxy SiteURLMore Details
1Hide My Ass Proxy
Click here for more details
Click here for more details
Click here for more details
4Unblock My Web
Click here for more details
Click here for more details
Click here for more details
Click here for more details
Click here for more details
Click here for more details
Click here for more details
11Free Proxy Server
Click here for more details

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So these were the top proxy sites of 2016. There are many more proxy sites that can be listed in this list but according to my opinion these are the top 10 proxy sites that you must try.


If you want to know about top VPNs for Windows (OS) then you must read this article:

Now lets learn how to use proxy sites, So that we can browse anonymously to any banned site/s OR the sites that are having restriction.

How to use proxy sites to browse anonymously:

In this case we will use Hide My Ass proxy as an example, It is simple as 1-2-3!! So lets get started:

  1. Go to a proxy site:
  2. Enter the URL in the box which says “Type the URL you’d like to visit
  3. Now click on “HIDE MY ASS!” button
  4. Done!! You have successfully bypassed the restriction.

Now you can anonymously browse any site which are banned in your country.

That’s it! Hope you likes this tutorial and the list of proxy sites. If you have any other proxy site in your mind that you think is the best then you can tell us about it in the comment section below.

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