There are many ways for making money online like doing online freelance work, selling products online..etc, but in today’s tutorial, we will talk about how you can make money online through blogging.

How can you make money through blogging?

There are many ways through which you can make money while blogging:

  1. You can write sponsored reviews
  2. You can add contextual ads on your blog, example Google AdSense, Media (Yahoo) Ads
  3. You can apply for direct advertising network (One of the best way to make money online)
  4. You can review other’s product on your blog

As you can see our topic is about “BuySellAds Alternatives (2016)“, So let’s talk about direct advertising.

You must have already know that one of the best way of making money online is “direct advertising” but it is not simple as it looks, There are many bloggers who have good traffic but doesn’t get advertisers because of bad page rank OR domain authority and other don’t get advertisers due to lack of traffic.

But if you have a blog with good traffic, domain authority and rank then you are very much eligible for direct advertising.

once you get eligible then you can cell spaces of your blog for direct advertising OR you can also apply for direct advertising network like BuySellAds as it is the most favourite direct advertising network for advertisers and publishers with around 12,000+ quality advertisers and 1,500+ publishers

People don’t get approved by BuySellAds so easily!

Yes, it is true!! There are many bloggers who do not get approved by BuySellAds due to their strict policy and guidelines. So what to do?

If you really want to sell your blog space through direct advertising networks then you can try these BuySellAds alternatives:

Top BuySellAds Alternatives (Direct Advertising Network) of 2016:

Below is the list of top BuySellAds alternatives of 2016, That are very good for direct advertising purpose.

1) Project Wonderful:

Project Wonderful (Direct Advertising Network)

It is one of the top direct advertising network after BuySellAds, It offers live bidding so you can choose the highest bidder (advertiser) for your blog. You can choose different bidder for different ad space in this way you can earn more money. The amazing thing is that Project Wonderful also accept subdomains like “” OR ““. It charges 25% of commission of your income

To apply for Project Wonderful, Visit this link:

2) Publicity Clerks:

Publicity Clerks (Direct Advertising Network)

Publicity Clerks is one of the faster growing direct advertising network, It is like BuySellAds where you can choose your own price for the ad slots. It has many quality advertiser and publishers. It also approves users (publishers) who has less traffic on their blog. You can use PayPal to withdraw your money.

To apply for Publicity Clerks, Visit this link:

3) AdSella:

AdSella (Direct Advertising Network)

It is same as Publicity Clerks OR BuySellAds, The only difference is that it takes 20% of the commission of your earning and you can sell your ad space for more than 30 days!! You can easily get approved by AdSella, So what are you waiting for?

To apply for AdSella, Visit this link:

4) BuySiteAds:

BuySiteAds (Direct Advertising Network)

Again of the fastest growing direct advertising network, It is a new network so you may have better chance to get approved! The threshold payout is $15 and it only takes 20% commission of your earning. If you don’t get approved then don’t worry as it also has features like social advertising where you can use you social networks like Facebook and Twitter to earn money.

To apply for BuySiteAds, Visit this link:

5) AdEngage:

AdEngage (Direct Advertising Network)

It is one of the oldest direct advertising network like BuySellAds, The  minimum required to get approved by AdEngage is 1000 visitors per day that you can easily get approved if you have this much of visitors. It also approves adult blog/websites. Minimum payout is $50 and you can use PayPal, Wire Transfer or Cheque to get your money

To apply for AdEngage, Visit this link:

That’s it!! These were the top BuySellAds Alternatives that can help you in making lots of money while you are blogging. So if you have any other network in mind then you can suggest it in the comment section below.

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