Nowadays internet is one of the major source of entertainment. People uses internet on their personal computer/devices like Android, iPhone…etc to get connected with their friends OR loved once, They also spend time on internet watching videos or movies, playing online games…etc

But it is very difficult to do these stuff on a slow internet connection while you are on a desktop, laptop OR any portable device like mobile phone, tablet but do you know that you can easily boost up your internet speed on desktop or laptops with many tools and software like “Net Speed Booster” which is easily available on the internet. You can also speed/boost your internet speed on a computer via many different speed hacks provided on internet browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. You can find these speed hacks, here:

Similarly, there are some hacks (tips) and techniques through which you can boost the internet speed on Android devices, So let’s talk about top Android hacks/tips that can boost internet speed.

Android internet


Top Android Hacks to boost internet speed:

1) Use UC Browsers instead:

On android devices, UC Browser in the fastest browser. It can help you to browse OR download things faster as compared to any other browsers. This 3rd party app is more user-friendly and use fewer resources which makes it faster.

Get UC Browser for your android device from here:

2) Use Android Apps to increase internet speed:

There are many 3rd party apps that can optimize and boost up your android phon’s internet speed. You can find these apps on Google Play Store. Some apps are free and some are paid. You can download some of the apps from here:

Network Speed Booster:

Internet Booster & Optimizer:

Note: You can also download the pro version of these app (if available) from BlackMart (BlackMart: Get Paid Apps for Free (Android))

3) Use 4G instead of 3G:

Many of the android devices now support 4G network, But by default the network connection priority is set to 3G. So you can switch your network to 4G to increase your internet speed. Follow these steps:

Go to “Settings” of your android device

Click on More > Mobile Networks > Preferred network type > Select 4G

OR in some android devices the, It should be like this: Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Network > Select 4G

4) Block 3rd party apps from using the internet:

Some android apps use internet in the background, This can make your internet slow whenever you are using it. So you can block their access by using DroidWall OR NoRoot Firewall

Download DroidWall from here:

Download NoRoot Firewall from here:


1) Always clear your android’s memory cache, This can help allot

2) Browse internet with “Block Image Search” option, This can speed up your browsing

3) Don’t run more than 2-3 apps while browsing the internet as this can reduce your internet speed

4) Make sure that the “Auto-Update” feature is disabled for apps that are not so important

That’s it!!……So these were the some of the android hacks or you can say tips that will definitely help you to increase your android phone’s internet speed. Please do tell us that which method help you the most and if you have any other tips/hacks then do not forget to share with us via comment section given below.

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