Sometimes, no matter what you do, what steps you take, whatever anti-bullying policies you employ in a workplace, the cyber bullies are going to bully their victims under all circumstances. The only thing most businesses can do about it is fire the offender or have the one being bullied press charges against the bully. But, since most bullies force their prey into submission and silence, the pressing changes part of their plan is not going to happen anytime soon. Therefore, for most businesses, spy applications are the way to go.

Spy applications seem to be the most reliable solution to all problems associated with digital surveillance lately. It is not only because it is relatively economic compared to video surveillance and more advanced as well, but because of the many features it offers that makes it a whole lot more than just any old surveillance tool.

These tool are not only apt at making bullies put an end to the torment they put their victims through, but they can also be used as evidence in legal trials if the bullying persists for those reason, here are a few features offered by spy applications that can expose bullying in a workplace and ultimately put an end to it.

So here are the Top 5 Tips to Expose Cyber-bullies at Workplac

5 tips to expose cyber bullies

1) Monitor the Social Media Accounts of Employees:

Use of spy apps gives employers unadulterated access to an employee’s various social media accounts on company owned hardware. Through such an access to target device employers can easily browse through the employee’s Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and many other accounts which they can be using to virtually harass their co-workers. Additionally such an access can also help you learn about the type of person you have hired to work for you.

2) Keep an Eye on Emails:

Another method that employees use to harass their co-workers is by sending them threatening emails. This is a rather old school method of bullying but it is seriously effective since most businesses use emails for business transactions. Thus, for such businesses, spy apps are the way it go since business owners can use them to carefully and meticulously browse through the emails being sent and received by their employees in order to weed the bully out.

3) Browse through the Internet Search History:

An employee’s search history is like an insight into the working of the deepest recesses of their mind. Therefore, if an employer suspects a certain employee of being a bully, then looking through their browsing his story would always turn up in incriminating evidence in one form or another. Thus is you have been getting reports about having have employee that has been harassing his/her co-workers with the possession of humiliating photographs that he/she has posted online on various social media platforms and blogs, then looking through their browsing history might always prove to be fruitful. Additionally, this search will also allow you to look into the names of the victims that employee has been tormenting.

4) Look for Their Accomplices:

“Misery Loves Company” seems to be like the motto of bullies everywhere because they tend to always torment their victims in groups to two and more. Their group of secondary bullies or rather side-kicks taunt the one being bullied along with the bully relentlessly. Thus, if you look through their whatsapp, line or Viber chat records you might be able to get hold of extremely detailed records of their harassment and bullying. They may be gloating to their side-kicks or planning, whatever they might be planning on doing or already have done might be in there in vivid details since the texts being sent through such mediums tend to be more in depth and detailed, providing you with ample evidence about the transgressions of that certain employee in your workplace .

5) Put Bugs to Good Use:

We have already mentioned how misery loves company. Thus, if you suspect two or more employees working together to harass a third one and you notice them sneaking off you places where they wouldn’t have a chance of being heard. If you are vigilant enough and have already installed spy apps onto the office hardware currently in the possession of these employees, all you have to do is activate the remote microphone and camera bugs on those cellular devices and listen in to their conversation in real-time and listen for yourself if their suspicious and sneaky behavior has anything to do with the bullying they are participating in a workplace.

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