Hello Everyone, It’s been so long since I have published an article on this blog as I was busy with my other project. But from now I will share with you some of the cool tips, tricks and how-to (and much more) via this blog, I will publish articles on weekly basis so stay tuned!!

In this tutorial, I will teach you some of the Old School Computer tricks that can be very useful to prank someone or trick someone. I know that these tricks are so old but believe me that these are/were some of the coolest computer tricks that have ever been made. These are the best tricks/pranks according to me but if you find any other tricks that are much cooler then you can obviously share it with us via comment section below, Till then enjoy learning these tricks:

Note: I have tested these tricks on Windows 7/8 PC’s, But these tricks can also work on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

1. Non-Movable/Non-Working Desktop Icons:

This is a very famous old school trick, It is very simple and no code is required to make this trick work.

So what you need to do:

  1. Hide the taskbar below the bottom of the screen, So that the user cannot see it
  2. Make a false folder and name it as any thing like “Porn”..”Private Videos”..etc
  3. Now press “Print Screen” button and take a screen shot of your desktop
  4. Delete the false folder (That you have recentely created)
  5. Now Open Adobe Photoshop OR any thing like Paint and press “Ctrl + V
  6. Now save the screenshot your desktop as “JPG OR PNG
  7. Now set this image as a wallpaper and see the magic. The person on whome you have played prank will really get pissed off as he will try to open the false folder but nothing will happen!!

Desktop Screenshot

2. Computer Shutdown Prank:

This is also one of the famous computer tricks that one can do to fool his/her friend. All you need to do is create a shortcut that say “Anything naughty you want 😛 ” in which you will have to add certian code. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create a “Shortcut” on your desktop
  2. Insert the following code in it:
  3. Now just save it.. and you are ready to go!!

Computer Shutdown Trick

This will shutdown the computer withing 1 hour and there will be now other harm..Nice prank isn’t it?!

3. CMD LOOP Prank:

This is one of my favourite prank, It can really make a user annoy who has been tricked using this trick. All you need to do is :

  1. Open notepad and write down this code:
  2. Save the file as “anything.bat” (Do not forget to add “.bat” extension)
  3. Delete the “Computer” (The Real One) shortcut from your desktop
  4. Set a shortcut of bat file (you have recentely created) on your desktop
  5. Now rename the shortcut to “Computer”
  6. Change the icon othe the shortcut (Go to Icon Properties > Shortcut > Change Icon) and make it look like “Computer”
  7. Done!!

Note: Top bring back the real “Computer” icon all you need to do is go to Right-Mouse Click > Personalize > Change Desktop Icon > Now select (Check) the “Computer” option > Apply > OK and you are done. (But please make sute to delete the false computer icon first)

4. High Contrast Trick:

This trick will turn your desktop into high contrast mode and will make it look like “colour inverted” desktop, To make this work all you need to do is:

  1. Press “Alt + Shift + Print Screen” to make it work
  2. It will ask for the confirmation, Just press “Yes” button
  3. Done!!

High Contrast Mode

Note: You can undo this change by pressing the same combination of burron again (Alt + Shift + Print Screen)

5. Fake Error Prank:

The final trick of this list and also the collest trick that will definitely shock the user. To make this trick work just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Notepad and type in the following:
  2. Save the file is “Computer.bat
  3. Copy the file and paste it in Start Menu > All Programs > Startup
  4. Done! Now just restart the PC and see the magic!

False Message Prank

Thats it!! Hope you liked this list of tricks, If you have some other cool tricks then you can share it with us via comment section below OR if you have any problem then you can contact us

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