There are lot of ways to hack someone’s account/device but hacking someone’s account/device using a phone is one of the best method. So here i will tell you about top 5 android app that can be used for hacking
Top 5 Android App for Hacking

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So here we go :

Note : Some of the apps requires rooted android phone

1) dSploit :

dSploit is an android network analysis and penetration tool which is most professional and complete tool for hacking.

Features :
– Password Sniffing
– Real Time Traffic Manipulation
– Network Mapping
– Port Scanning
– And many more features

Download :

Update : It has now merged with an another android hacking tool called zAnti2

2) APKInspector :

It is a powerful tool that can analyse the android application. Using this app you can analyse the compiled android package of a particular app (As per your choice) and their DEX code.

Download :

3) Burp Suit :

It helps you to find the vulnerability of an app using it’s various inbuilt tools, basically used for performing security testing of web application.

Download :

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4) Nmap for Android :

Is a network scanner/port finder tool. The priority OS (platform) it uses is Unix but is also available in android and windows

Download :

5) Androrat :

Is is a client/server application developed in java android for clients and Java/Swing for server in other words it is a administration tool for android.

Download :

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