When you short your URL with URL shortener then you must use these sites which will also pay you when someone will use (visit) your URL.
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Top 10 URL shortening sites which pay (Must Join)

These online shorteners are 100% genuine and pays according to your countries payout rates

Here is the list of top paying URL Shorteners:

1) Adf.ly :
With Ref : https://adf.ly/?id=1396692
Without Ref : https://adf.ly

2) Linkbucks.com
Without Ref : https://www.linkbucks.com

3) Bc.vc
With Ref : http://bc.vc/?r=79077
Without Ref : http://bc.vc

4) AdLock.org
Without Ref : http://adlock.org

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5) Shorte.st
With Ref : https://shorte.st/ref/09e0334eb2
Without Ref : https://shorte.st

6) CashFly.com
Without Ref : https://cashfly.com

7) AdFoc.us
Without Ref : http://adfoc.us

8) Blv.me
Without Ref : https://blv.me

9) Ad5.eu
Without Ref : http://ad5.eu

10) CoinURL.com
Without Ref : https://coinurl.com

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