Android OS and iOS is at the front of the modern technology with many different apps using their useful accelerometer, compass, cameras and Global Positioning system. Read on article if you want to know about wonders of augmented reality in today’s businesses.

Listed here is the top ten augmented reality applications for Android and iOS:

1) Wikitude World Browser

WikiTude AR

This application brings together Wikipedia content and location information to produce real-time details about environment conditions. By placing your phone cam across the sight, you can easily see almost any points of interest (POI) which is identified by the application.

2) Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO AR

This wouldn’t be considered a list of the top AR applications without talking about Niantic’s Pokémon Go, a game which has rapidly grabbed everyone’s interest and provided them grounds to get out into the world, run around, and find Pokémon.

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3) Wikitude Drive

WikiTude Drive AR

Wikitude Drive provides the instructions for driving on top of your digital camera’s video feed which is live while you on the road. This gives users to keep an eye on the track while they are driving a car through their mobile’s screen with more information.

4) Weather Reality

Weather Reality AR

This application provides various types of actual weather conditions and interactions. You can easily check out in depth climatic conditions information by means of your cell phone’s camera coupled with current situations, radar, tornados information as well as the direction of sunlight and the moon.

5) AugSatNav

Augsatnav AR
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This application is undoubtedly an augmented reality direction-finding program generally designed for backpackers. Walking guidelines are given to you by means of the live video camera feed while you stick with your way ahead.

6) 3D AR Compass

3D Compass AR

This application is a great compass that based on augmented reality which gives several compass variations, a revolving map, and degrees of severity and current address details.

7) Tweeps Around

Tweeps Around AR

This amazing app brings together Twitter and augmented reality by demonstrating you who’s tweeting in your location along with what they are tweeting about.

8) TagWhat

TagWhat AR

TagWhat is undoubtedly a social media application based on augmented reality which makes it possible for people to tag any type of POI in their camera’s view. Friends and family of users can easily then see the tags to check out any information which has been provided.

9) Google Goggles

Google Googles
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A Google app which is unquestionably an application which makes it possible for you to take a picture of anything in the camera’s view and then graphic recognition program scrutinizes it to others in its system to identify a match.

10) Space InvadAR

Space InvadAR

Space InvadAR mobile app works as augmented reality which is a vision-based gaming that permits you to transform in real-time video media and then complement it with aliens as well as spaceships you have to repel.

AR will certainly carry on and kick the boundaries to make way for us to perceive our real world along with the specialized abilities which are supporting such technological advances, iOS, and Android are positioned to be progressively more incorporated with augmented reality mobile phone applications in the foreseeable future.

That’s it!! These are the Augmented Reality Applications that are in the list of top 10 according to me, But if you have any other in your mind then please do share it with us via comment section below

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