Making money online is not so easy but if you are on the right track then you can make alot. You must have heard or seen that people out there is making alot of money with Google AdSense and if you are also applying for Google AdSense then you must know that it is not so easy! People (newbies) get rejected every time while applying for Google AdSense. So first you need to know what Google AdSense is all about and a good reason to apply for it!!
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Things you need to remember before applying for Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense ?

Google AdSense is no.1 advertisement publishing  internet network with over million of publisher.  It uses Pay Per Click also called as PPC system to help other big companies to reach to us through web.

Way to increase your “*chances” of approval:

Before applying to Google AdSense you must check some of the following thing (Important!!) :

1) Have a good website content
2) Follow all the rules of Google Policies
3) Design of your site should be appropriate
4) Should have at least 50+ posts
5) No content pornography/illegal items/drugs
6) Must have a top level domain
7) Patience

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So keep these things in mind before applying to Google AdSense and your “*chances” for approval will increase.

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