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When we talk about a text monitoring app usually stuff like agents and espionage come to mind but the fact of the matter is that the use of commercially available monitoring and tracking apps such as xnspy are becoming more and more commonplace. From concerned parents to employers and also people who want to keep their data safe among other things are using such software. In this article, we are going to tell you some creative things that can make your text monitoring life easier as well as how you can do other things with the functionalities that these apps have.

Automate your text monitoring:

Test Message Monitoring

Most monitoring apps provide some sort of dashboard or control panel through which you can control your app remotely and view the date from the device it is installed on. It’s great that you can monitor from the convenience of your home or the go with a companion app, but still checking and monitoring every single message can be a tedious and cumbersome task. There is a solution, though, some tracking app companies realized this and provided a watchlist or alerts functionality for their users; this provides a smart approach towards monitoring. Xnspy and other similar apps include this feature.

Using this feature you can set up a watchlist of words that you feel are suspicious, or worth giving attention to, depending on what purpose you are using the app for. Once you have set up your list, the app takes over and does most of the hard work of checking for text that has the words that you have mentioned.  All text channels such as SMS, IM Chats (KiK, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) and Email are supported. So once a watchlisted word appears in any of the aforementioned channels it triggers an alert and the app sends the app owner an email with details such as contact name, number/email (if applicable), date, time, and the complete message in which the word was used. If the text came through as an SMS the location at the time the text was sent or received will also be made available.

Message Monitoring

Following on the same lines to automate the tedious task of monitoring, the app user can use another feature that a good text monitoring app has – watchlisting contacts. Common monitoring apps provide the app owner with details such as the contacts saved on a device. Using that smart tracking apps such as Xnspy go a step further and allow the user to highlight certain contacts so that when any communication takes place between the device owner and the highlighted contact the app informs the app owner immediately. Information such as the type of communication taking place – call, text message or email and the details of the communication.

Using these two smart features, the app user can make his life easier and his task much less tedious and mundane. It is a very useful feature, especially when monitoring or tracking multiple devices at the same time.

Other Useful things that can be done:

Although the main focus was is on easing text monitoring, there are some other features that also fall into the context of smart monitoring using such apps. The other useful things that can be done by using xnspy and other similar apps is making use of the location tracking features. These apps use a device’s GPS and data/Wi-Fi connection to provide accurate location tracking information to the app owner.

Secure your car:

Have an extra smartphone or tablet lain around? Install the monitoring app on it and leave it in the glovebox or under the seat. You will always know where your car is at, especially useful if your car gets borrowed a lot or is used by the family. In fact, some people recovered their stolen vehicles and the thieves were also apprehended because the owner forgot their smartphone in their vehicles.

Secure your device:

Useful things that can be done

Having a monitoring app installed on your own device has several advantages, most smart monitoring apps have a failsafe system. If your phone gets lost or stolen you can remotely delete all data and prevent sensitive information from getting into someone’s hands. The other thing that you can do is you can help law enforcement officials track down the thief and get your phone back. This happened a couple of months ago and the thief was in fact apprehended in front of a police station.

Have a backup:

Data such as pictures, videos, calendar schedules, contacts and text conversations on IM chats and SMS are all backed up on a smart text monitoring app like xnspy. What that literally means is that if you have installed the app on your device, you have a partial backup, if your device gets lost or stolen and you delete all the data from it, you will have a backup of all your contacts, pictures, videos, appointments, and conversations that have taken place.

As you can see there are many things that can be done with a text monitoring app all that is required is a little imagination. Let us know if you can come up with some creative uses for such apps.

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