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If you are having an old Nokia 5530, 5233 OR 5800 then you must be bored with it’s old Symbian style UI (Interface), So I have decided why not to tell you this awesome trick which will help you to convert your mobile phone’s Symbian UI into Windows UI with these simple steps and they are easy too!!

Symbian To Lumia

How to convert into Lumia? :

For this you will need to download some applications that are very much required for this process:

1) Download SPB Shell Full Signed from here: Click Here

2) Download LUMIA Interface for from here: Click Here

3) Download Lumia theme (WP7 Dark) from here: Click Here

Now put these files in your mobile


Note: This tutorial will only work if you have Nokia 5530, 5233 OR 5800

1) For this, you will need a hacked phone/fully unlocked phone, If your phone is not fully unlocked then unlock it with ROMPatcher, You can get it from mobile9 (Link: OR

Warning!: I will not be responsible, If your phone get damaged

Learn how to Unlock your phone from here:

2) Install Lumia Theme on your mobile phone and set it. Go to Device Settings > Personal > Themes > Select WP7 Dark

3) Install “SPB Mobile Shell v3.8.944” (Already Signed) on your mobile and register it using a serial key (Given in a text document)

4) Now exit your SPB Shell, For this you will need to go to your SPB Menu > Settings > Tap the bottom-right button (Option Button) > Exit Shell

5) Now copy all the filed from Lumia Interface folder to “E:/Others” (For this you will need to have an unlocked mobile)

6) Delete “SpbShell_20028b16.reg” file form “C:/System/Apps“, Use X-Plore

7) Now connect you mobile to your desktop/laptop via Mass Storage

8) Now delete the file “SpbShellBackup.reg ” which is located in “E:/Private/20028b16/

9) Open your SPB Shell and bang!!! A new windows (Lumia) like interface instead of that boring old Symbian’s interface

I will not tell you how to arrange the icons, You will need to learn by yourself OR just google it OR just wait 😛 😛 and follow the steps given below:

Download this file on your mobile “MSetting (Download it from here: Click Here)” and keep it somewhere in your file manager and then go to your SPB Shell Settings > Tap on bottom-right button (Option button) > Restore Settings and select the “MSettings” (From file manager)

Hope you liked it, I now this is quite ” very 🙂 😛 ” old..But it is useful for those who have old mobile phone like Nokia 5800, 5530, 5233. If you face any problem then just comment below OR just contact me.

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