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WordPress security is always concern for users as well for developers. However, WordPress has secured framework but it is not enough resistant to hackers. WordPress releases updates for known vulnerabilities, but third party plugins and themes make WordPress weak against hacking. Therefore, if you are a WordPress user, you should put security on top of your checklist and always prefer to use themes or plugin from reliable source. Even, you can use malware scanning tool to keep your website clean from infection. Besides it, few free WordPress security plugins are discussed in this article that can help you to boost your secured environment around WordPress website.

WordPress Security plugins

Stop Hackers with these WordPress Security Plugins:


WordFence Security

WordFence plugin is free, installed more than one million time, and helps to protect the website from hacking. The plugin is multi-site compatible and secure against brute force attack. The plugin scans all files, folders, themes and plugins of the website and notify you if any malicious activity is found. Thus, WordFence makes your site faster in terms of performance. You can go for premium version with added features. This plugin also offers two-factor authentication via SMS as well threat defense technology that updates firewall automatically. It also blocks security threats like fake botnets, traffic. Moreover, WordFence scans posts, comments, and backdoors for malicious code.

BulletProof Security:

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security as the name suggests, it is an ideal option for WordPress security. The plugin provides security for firewall, database, and login. Further, the paid plugin is also available with premium features like intrusion detection and prevention system, real time file monitoring, database backup, Database Monitor Intrusion Detection System and many others. Free BulletProof Security version also offers login limit protection, idle session logout, blocks IP blocking, code scanners, bogus traffic, check code of WordPress core files, themes and plugins. You will have protection against severe vulnerabilities like XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection, and SQL Injection.

All in One WordPress Security:

All in One WordPress Security

Another free WordPress security plugin is able to detect vulnerabilities is named All in One WordPress Security. With this plugin, you can have protection for user login, user account, system file, firewall, and database. All in One WordPress Security uses a grading system to gauge the level of website protection. The plugin has basic, intermediate, and advanced category for firewall rules. You can blacklist any user by identifying IP address or user agents. Even, there is a cookie-based “brute force login prevention” feature that blocks brute force login attack. This plugin supports multiple languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, etc.).

iThemes Security:

iThemes Security

iThemes Security comes with one click installation and offers various ways to protect your WordPress website by fixing security loopholes in website. The plugin can hide login page and information by which hackers can penetrate your website. The plugin also scans the website for any existing vulnerabilities and take regular backup of your website. iThemes Security offers Google reCAPTCHA, brute force protection, temporary privilege escalation for auto reset of website, online file comparison, password expiration, users’ action logging for any edition made to website. SSL certificate helps to protect online communication and this plug-in covers Force SSL feature for admin area support that redirect HTTP URLs to HTTPS forcefully.

Brute Protect Login Protection:

Brute Protect Login Protection

Hackers tries to guess login and password frequently with Brute Force attack until the hackers get the right credentials. Brute Protect Login Protection plugin protects the website against brute force attack by limiting login attempts within set time; it also blocks IP address of the attacker. Brute Protect Login Protection plugin tells users about remaining login attempt as well email to admin in case of IP blocking.


However, alertness and awareness is a primary thing that a website owner should have in order to protect the website. As a website owner, you are responsible for published content so it is necessary to protect your website credibility against hackers. Content in this article has been produced by individual research, this website or writer is associated with promotional activity of above plug-ins. All are requested to check all the features before installing any plug-in. Comments with better plug-in suggestion will be appreciated. You can even find many useful plugins to make your website secure.

That’s it! These were the WordPress Security Plugins that can help you to protect your WordPress blog from hackers, I know there are many more plugins but I consider these on the top. If you have any other top plugin in mind please share us via comment section below.

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