What you will do if your personal/business data gets deleted due to some accident OR by mistake?

That would be a disaster for you, Right? But there is a way with which you can handle these type of situations and that is by using a tool.

This tool can recover almost anything by doing a deep scan. It is one of the best tool available in the market.

We are talking about Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Tool, So let me tell you more about this too:

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery:

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is one of the most powerful recovery tool that is available in the market. It can recover lost and deleted files (Which Includes: photos, emails, documents, video and much more!) from windows

It uses a powerful scanning algorithm to located/search for deleted or lost files.

You can download the free data recovery software from the button given below:

Now let’s talk about its features

Top Features:

Here are some of the top features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery tool:

Note: These are the features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Tool (Free Edition)

1) Recover data from different storage devices:

With this tool you can recover data from different storage devices like:

  1. USB
  2. Memory Card
  3. CD/DVD
  4. Hard Disk (From both Internal and External) and many other storage devices

2) Fast and Easy:

If you have deleted anything by mistake from any storage device then dont worry because this tool can recover anything with few clicks all you have to do is install this on your computer (windows) and run this tool.

Once you select the storage device and click the search button, It takes very less time to search for the deleted files

When I Was testing this tool i was very much surprised by SEEING that it recovered all of my data (Which was around 1GB) from a memory card within a minute!!

Now, let’s say that you have deleted some important data (by mistake) which was around 20-30GB then it will take less than 5 minutes to locate the deleted data and less than a minute to recover!

3) Recover almost anything:

This tool supports many file types, which means you can recover almost any file. From .doc to .dat you can recover almost any file

4) Variety of options:

This tool not only provide recovery options but also other options like:

  • Multiple Recovery options likes: Quick Recovery, Deleted Recovery, Advanced Recovery and Raw Recovery
  • Cloning drive option
  • Creating an image of a drive

Why you should consider getting this tool?

You should consider getting this tool because:

  • It is one of the top data recovery tool
  • Helping users to recover their data since 1993
  • Around 2 Million Customers, Which means a trusted tool
  • 24*5 FREE support for 1 YEAR

Why to choose stellar?

Here are some product screenshots:


So if you are looking for a data recovery tool then you must try Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery as this tool is worth a try. An easy to use tool which can recover all types of lost/deleted files from from your desktop or laptops

You can download the free data recovery software from the button given below:

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