WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media app, More that 1 billion people are using whatsapp to connect with their friends/family members. You can connect with anyone on WhatsApp all you need is their mobile no.

Do you know that you can spy on anyone’s whatsapp messages? Yes you heard it right, There is a way through which you can spy on anyone’s whatsapp messages without getting them notice you. Want to how?

So lets get started:

Note: This tutorial is for educational purpose only, I am not responsible if you cause any damage, issue OR anything. Please do not misuse this.

Things you will need:

  1. Victims mobile phone
  2. Your mobile phone
  3. Internet Connection

How to SPY on Someones WhatsApp Messages:

As you can see in this tutorial you will need your victims (Person who is going to be tricked by you) phone. Let’s say you have your victim’s phone, So now just follow these simple steps to spy on your victim’s whatsapp messages.

  1. On your victim’s phone open any web browser
  2. Now type in  com.whatsapp.web and wait for the page to load
  3. Click on the first link:WhatsApp Web
  4. You will see a page similar to this:Similar page
  5. Now go to your browser’s option (by clicking on 3 dots) and check the “Request desktop site” optionWeb option
  6. Now you will see a page similar to this, Now all you need is your phone:QR code
  7. Just open whatsapp on your phone
  8. Go to your whatsapp Options > and click on WhatsApp Web
  9. Now just scan the QR code which is appearing on your victims phone.
  10. That’s it done!!! You now have full access to your victim’s whatsapp chat

Now you can see (everything) what your victim is doing on his whatsapp.

There are other methods too, Like using a 3rd party app. But I chose this method because this is simple and can be followed easily. If you like me to make another tutorial on this using other options then I will happily make one. Just tell me in the comment section below.

Please do not misuse this technique. I am not responsible if you cause any damage, issue, problem.

If you have any queries then feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

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