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SSL2BUY Review : Move Your Website to HTTPS at Cheap Rate

What do you think about HTTPS? And why do big companies and some website owners use them?The SSL certificate is a key of protection against attackers and necessary to encrypt the communications between the...
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Review

What you will do if your personal/business data gets deleted due to some accident OR by mistake?That would be a disaster for you, Right? But there is a way with which you can handle...

3 Tips to Help You Browse Anonymously

Whether you realize it or not, your internet provider is broadcasting your private information to the world. The device you’re using, your ZIP code, and even your street address are all contained within your...
How Hackers Can Screw Your Smartphone

7 Alarming Ways Hackers Can Screw Your Smartphone

Most of us understand that hacking is a real problem. But being aware that “bad things happen” hasn’t yet translated into understanding the seriousness of the threat. To most, smartphone hacking is just an...
Ultimate iPhone Manager Thanksgiving Deal

AnyTrans Ultimate iPhone Manager Thanksgiving Deal (Till 30 NOvember 2016)

This Thanksgiving you can get one of the greatest iphone manager which is Anytrans Ultimate iPhone Manager, As you all know I am 3 days late in sharing this deal so without wasting your...
WordPress Security Plugins

Stop Hackers with WordPress Security Plugins

This is a Guest Post by Gunjan TripathiWordPress security is always concern for users as well for developers. However, WordPress has secured framework but it is not enough resistant to hackers. WordPress releases updates for...
Security Attacks that can kill your WordPress Blog

10 Most Common Security Attacks That Will Kill Your WordPress Blog

Blogging has become mainstream just as soon as the internet took off. Before there was Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and every other social media platform, blogging was the way to get your thoughts out...
Software Development


The digital economy (DE) is a real driver of the business development and innovation. There can hardly be found a company without a website and a bunch of applications for better interaction with clients....
Image to Excel Converter

Image to Excel Converter: More Than a Scanner App

There are numerous interesting apps on the market today. How to know which one is good and valuable? How to stay up-to-date with the newest apps? There are a million mobile applications and you...
transfer database from Oracle to MySQL

How to transfer database from Oracle to MySQL

Oracle and MySQL are two widespread RDBMS equipped with overflowing administration tools coupled with programming APIs. Albeit, Oracle has a limiting license and a really expensive cost of ownership, however, MySQL is relatively cheaper...

Top 10 List of Augmented Reality Applications

Android OS and iOS is at the front of the modern technology with many different apps using their useful accelerometer, compass, cameras and Global Positioning system. Read on article if you want to know...

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