Snapchat is one of the most popular social app where you can share your images with your friends 😛 😀 I know..I know that you know about Snapchat very well so I will now talk about it in this article. I am here to share with you some of the new updates made in Snapchat.

Snapchat has 3 new updates which was released on 15th of September, Which is now making it more strong social app among the teenagers. These are the major updates that Snapchat have made for the first time. So let me tell you about these cool updates, I will also tell you how you can use these feature, So let’s begin:

Note: To get these features your Snapchat should be updated to latest version (v9.15.0.0)

1. Lenses:

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This feature will let you add some cool effects on your face before sharing it. So how make this feature work?

  1. Take a nice selfie
  2. Tap and hold on your selfie
  3. This will reveal a facial outline (With many cool effects)
  4. Now just select your effect and you are done

Here is a video that will help you more (Thanks to GottaBeMobile for the video):


Once you’re done with picking up the effect, then  you can share it with your friends.

2. Snapchat Trophies:

Snapchat Trophies Case

This feature rewards you trophies whenever you complete a particular milestone, in other words it uses your Snapchat score to unlock trophies. So how to see this feature work?:

  1. Click on the “Ghost” icon (Top Center), When you first open the app
  2. Go to your profile screen
  3. Now just click on the “Trophy” icon, Which is also in top center
  4. Done!! Now you can see your trophies.

If you don’t have enough trophies, then you can complete the task/activities to unlock more trophies….It is easy as 123!!

3. Paid Replies!:

Additional Replies Feature
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Yes you heard it right!! Now you can have more replies (Snaps) for your friends, But the minus point is that this feature will cost you.

As you know there is only 1 Reply/Day, So if you want more replies then you have to pay $0.99/3 additional replies directly from in-app purchase.

This feature allows user to view a snap one more time after it expires – Snapchat

That’s it!! hope you liked this news…I know I have published it late but that’s fine for me. Please do tell that which feature did you liked the most..You can reply it in the comment section below.

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