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Remember the time when phones were used just for making calls and sending messages? The initial and original use of mobile phones has gone away in today’s world. Before, there were phones that were used for calling, texting and lastly, playing games. Today there are smartphones that have in built high quality apps, games, internet to surf the net at your convenience etc.


Phones first came in the 1980s and has now evolved in a speed of the lightning. Today, most of the young generation has smartphones in their hand. If they don’t possess one, they demand for one. Through such gadgets many things have changed. Here are some things that it really changed the way of a few things-

1. Murder of the Desktop:

The future of the desktop is close to zero. This may sound a little hyperbolic, but it is a fact. The number of smartphone users, especially amongst students, has increased so much, that predictions of the extinction of desktop may soon become true. It has been noticed that lot of work and entertainment programs are done through smartphones itself. So we can safely say that smartphones are not only killing desktops, but are also aiming to murder the good old televisions too.

2. Chatting to no end- Thank you social media sites:

Chatting is dangerous

When wireless phones first started, it was kept in mind that the conversations will be longer from here on. This is the reason telecom networks profited. Today, the extra urge to be online for 24×7 makes the conversations never ending. Gone are the good old chatty days. One can remain online on social networking sites for long time so that they can chat for long hours. You can now keep in touch with your close ones very quickly.

3. Teenagers have it their way:


While there are many adults using the gadgets, the epidemic has mainly increased amongst the teenagers. The all over pandemic is making some new lifestyle changes. Whether on bus, schools or parks, these smartphones are there in their hands. On the brighter side, it does help you gain as much information as possible. Youngsters can get answers of several questions within seconds.

4. Smarter perspectives:

It goes without saying that smartphones have really changed the speed of work. Through social media or any other app, it has taken work to another level. Innovative ideas, on hand presentations, meeting deadlines, catching up with friends are now as easy as you think. The future is also about smartphone wrist watches that look just like a standard watches but functions way more than one could think of.

As unprecedented as it gets, we have to take into account that technology is the future. The fact is, if you are not well acquainted with progress, you will not be counted. Not being able to use smartphones, social media networks will hamper job opportunities as well. This may sound quite harsh, but this is how things are. Hence, to keep up with the generation, grab that smartphone and make the most of it.

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