Video has become a great element of our online occurrence because you can almost taste the beautiful colors of life. 60 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day which means one hour of video content every second. Which surely authenticate the reality that video marketing is the latest drift – the numbers are more than enough!

In reality, Cisco is mixing up to re-engineer its routers to make sure to deal with “video onslaught”. Cisco has even predicted that by 2017 at least 90% of all internet traffic will be on video. It is really not that hard to believe that more than half of all web traffic after 5PM is ALREADY video traffic — YouTube, Netflix, and many other companies serving as prime video stage.

Marketers are crazed about it and combining it into their online or social media policies. Businesses are now familiar with its significance and are including videos into their websites. Thousands of dollars can be earn through social media websites by just sitting home.  Youtube provides a very outstanding opportunity to earn by just creating a Youtube channel. You need enormous views, contact and related traffic that YouTube offers, you need to work really hard on first building an audience—or as YouTube often calls them, subscribers.

A YouTube subscriber is a person who has selected to “follow” your channel and your content to stay updated with your latest videos. To be honest, a subscriber can grow to be a die hard fan that watches, comments and shares your videos with others. Building up a strong subscriber base is necessary for developing a powerful community online.

Upload your videos on YouTube. Start a blog right now, make an official website for yourself or post them on other video or social media sites. The more views it will be able to get, the better it will be. Share the links or embedding the videos on the internet, all of these will help you to get noticed.

It may be look really easy on the first hand to get subscriber but it is the hardest things to get. For a video to be admired it needs views. For a channel to be trendy it needs subscriptions. It is actually the YouTube currency. The algorithm that is being used by the Youtube to check whether channel is popular or not based on these:



Subscribers are so vital that YouTube will send you a huge frame of a golden play button if you would be able to get over one million of them. These people are crazy about your channel and will wait madly for the latest alerts when new content is posted.


No one is going to care about thumbs up versus a thumbs down; both are measured as units of meeting and have the same magnitude. It does not matter if you get 10 thousand thumbs down it may be just hurts your ego it will count as 10  thousand of meeting and give a rocket speed to your video and your Youtube channel. Comments, the video being public, anything that has the audience relationship it more value.

Watch time

This is commonly ignored. Without any doubt a view counts but the view duration has also great significance. A video with fewer views but with longer view durations will do much better than a video with more views and shorter viewership period. The rule is pretty much simple just Keep the viewers there for longer and you will get a bonus for it!



There is a much better way to skyrocket your YouTube channel. The simplest legal and safe way to get free subscribers is the sub4sub standard which stands for “you subscribe me, I subscribe you”. SubMeNow is a sub4sub website that saves your time and endorse your YouTube channel by making subscribers a kind of a trade process automatically. SubMeNow offers you the best free sub4sub service with advanced statistics, real time reports and user friendly interface.

It is absolutely free

You can add 10 new subscribers for free every day by using SubMeNow well that means you can get 300 subs per month, 3600 per year. Now that is what we call amazing.

It has rocket power

Just as easy as sign in to your YouTube account and after it you can get real youtube subscribers to your YouTube channel in seconds. Always remember when you are using it your subscribers are multiplying every day.

It is more than safe

This website is powered by YouTube and protected with Google+ sign in which means your YouTube account password in not stored at SubMeNow database.

Trusted with thousands

SubMeNow is world’s most popular free sub4sub network with more than 1,000,000 active members. Every member of SubMeNow need to subscribe few other members YouTube channels in order to get up to 10 new subscribers / day to his own channel. If you want to buy the amazing software then there also paid packages Bronze Silver Gold etc. that can bring up to 80 new subscribers per day.

People who are consistent users of SubMeNow have achieved great results and have their subscribers counter is at 1,000 or even more within couple of months of a daily usage. SubMeNow has now boundaries or limits because now SubMeNow offers promotional packages for YouTube views, likes, comments and subscribers and other social networks also.

Anytime you can visit the official website for the world’s top leading software for the YouTube that is SubMeNow. Thousands of YouTube channels are earning thousands of dollars just because of this outstanding piece of software. YouTube Marketing is a thrilling innovative plan to take benefit of the web’s enormous shift toward video. That is why it is really vital to start the SubMeNow right now. It will give you a gigantic leg up on the competition moving forward.

Once you started your beautiful and never ending journey with SubMeNow the only question will be in your mind that why I made this decision late? Now the reason is pretty much clear that why SubMeNow is most advised website of this year.

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