Worldwide, mobile smartphones have made our lives easier; quickly enabling us to do almost everything we need using just our handheld phones. From conducting everyday banking, ordering food, shopping online, or simply sending a happy birthday message to a friend, the invention, and subsequent lowering of the price point to a mass consumer level has helped improve our lives immeasurably. Two big players, Samsung and Apple, emerged early on, with massively different business strategies, but at the end of the day it comes down to raw sales numbers. This is something that both companies have in spades.

Samsung is the first such ‘big player’. Despite being mostly known for their other electronics, such as TV’s, DVD players, computers, laptops, etc., Samsung is also huge in the cell/smartphone space, existing even back in the days of flip phones. One of the most impressive things about Samsung is that in just one HOUR, they sell about 36,555 smartphones. In a day, they’ll sell around 877,314. In a month? 26 MILLION smartphones. That’s an amazing feat for any company, even a tech behemoth such as Samsung.

Apple is the other big name in the smartphone space. Originally known for making the Macintosh line of computers, Apple eventually broke into the MP3 player market with the wildly popular iPod. They soon transitioned to smartphones, taking with them their iPod technology, and used the brand name iPhone, and adding a 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, after it, depending on the model. From the 4 – 6 they added a ‘c’ and ‘s’ version, depending on the price point of the unit. Apple has done well to capture an aggressive chunk of the market, selling around 25,782 smartphones in an hour, 618,771 in a day, and 19 MILLION in a month. Impressive sales number for a company thought to be falling by the wayside.

Other smartphones exist, but they are dwarfed by these two tech giants. For instance; globally, 117 million smartphones are sold in a month. Of those, 45 million are Samsung and Apple; almost half. It’s a very interesting stat, considering how many brands of smartphone manufacturers are out there. Coupon Machine is the first name in real-time info graphics, giving you the inside track on tracking purchase statistics. Whether you’re building a new business plan or tweaking your old one, there is no better starting place than the real-time infographics of Coupon Machine.

Real time Infographic on Smartphone Sales:

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