There has been an evident increase in the usage ratio of Office 365 services owing to its unmatched qualities. Outlook users share a great contribution in this rise of ratio making the number of Office suite users increasing in comparison to the ones on-premise. The method of making a switch to the cloud based application suite of Microsoft is possible but a little cumbersome to be done on your own giving rise to the need of a third party.

Usage of an external solution seems helpful in conditions where big data is involved and precise output is anticipated. Office 365 Migration tool is one such provision by a reported pioneer of software development. Just to confirm the potential of the software, a testing was performed which has been explained in the review shared below. Read to know more about the application and its importance for a user willing to switch to Office 365.

Tested Abilities Of The Migration Tool for Office 365:

As discussed above, more and more Outlook users are discovered making a switch to Office 365. Therefore, O365 Migration tool is tested for its potential of uploading the storage of Outlook data file on cloud. Following were the features that emerged as helpful while testing the product.

  1. A login procedure is included for uploading PST file on an Office 365 account to make the procedure completely authentic. Unless the credentials are owned, no PST file can be uploaded to any Office 365 account.
    • Benefit: One needs to be the owner of the account or administrator of the domain to carry out the procedure. The data this way is securely moved from client to cloud platform.Login wizard
  2. Selection of the PST from the desired path is supported. One can select the PST file either from their machine or from an external storage media. The file doesn’t necessarily have to be a configured profile; it can be an orphan PST too.
    • Benefit: This ensures that concentration remains on one file only at a time and the file could be belonging to any profile and not necessarily to the performing machine.PST file selection
  3. Once the file is uploaded on the tool, preferred folders can be selected for being uploaded into Office 365 account. Checkbox against each folder within the PST is provided with the purpose of serving selective migration.
    • Benefit: The software doesn’t impose anything onto the user. Data from selective folders can be uploaded into the cloud account without the need of moving bulk of PST to Office 365 and making the procedure lengthier.Click on restore
  4. Selection can also be done based on categories of data present within the file. An Outlook data file is a personal storage file, which consists of other data besides just emails. One can choose data according to the category too.
    • Benefit: You can transfer only the kind of data that is needed at that very point of time, nothing less, and nothing more. This ensures a precise transfer of data customized according to the user’s convenience.
  5. Filter is applicable on the transfer of emails specifically. There is no hard and fast rule to move all emails from PST to Office 365. Selection using checkbox or by applying filter is supported by the software.
    • Benefit: The filter is based on date selection, therefore allowing users to transfer only emails exchanged within a specific date range and not the rest of it helping them save the transfer time consumed.Date filter
  6. Live progress report generated and displayed on screen during the upload. This gives users a glance at the status of upload time to time. The software keeps the status updated all the time.
    • Benefit: With a regular update of the status, one gets to know about the genuine progress in uploading as each item transfer is updated and displayed on screen.Restoring feature

Added Benefits: During the testing, it was discovered that all the items remained as it is throughout the upload procedure. Moreover, the size of the Outlook PST didn’t interrupt or slow down the process at all.

Environment Required for Migration: The best thing about this application is that, there is no specific system requirement imposed by the software. All you need to have is a Windows based machine to operate the software.

Pros & Cons:


  1. The application migrates orphaned PST file too
  2. The tool uploads complete data according to selection
  3. The software is highly customizable to user needs


  1. Not more than one PST file can be processed at a time
  2. Preview of the Outlook data file storage is not offered
  3. Credentials cannot be saved for later usage of the tool


Office 365 being a cloud account is accessible over a variety of platforms like Windows or Mac. However, the PST to Office 365 Migration tool is only functional over a Windows OS based platform, which makes it restricted. Nevertheless, the highly customizable user interface makes it possible for users to specify what to be transferred and what not to be transferred during the upload. Therefore, on an overall basis, the product can be rated 9.5 out of 10 for its approach towards user satisfaction.

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