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Stability and ease of connectivity are positives that Virtual Private Networks are supposed to have. As VPN solutions are increasing by the day, the fundamental factor that remains is finding the right one that will serve the purpose effectively. ProxyRack VPN offers adequate security features that protect your network as well as attractive server speeds which can sustain steady viewing. It is 100% free, secure and fast which means streaming is made possible and efficient to give you an interactive viewing experience.

ProxyRack Review

ProxyRack Features:

ProxyRack VPN allows individuals to watch TV, movies and videos from any location. A notable upside is the fast internet that is enabled with the VPN. The fast nature of the internet facilitates enhanced streaming that allows the viewing of new and exciting content.
The security platform that ProxyRack VPN is incorporated with has enhanced safety features that offer protection against any unwarranted access. The secure system has been set with quality encryption that is able to mask the connection which protects the network. This safety setup is very important for you as it covers unauthorized access and also shields the network from being targeted by malicious pages and sites that transfer malware and spam Ads.

ProxyRack features

Server Locations:

If you want to watch content that is blocked due to geo-locality or access restrictions, ProxyRack VPN has a bypassing technique that can remove the censorship that is placed on varied content. This can allow you to view content scheduled for specific geographic locations and unlock censored content. The network is available in 17+ locations however after I spoke to support they said they’re quickly adding in new regions every week. And if you reside in any of these locations; you can enjoy your VPN connection on a highly fast connection.

The locations on their website available so far are:

Miami, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Milan, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Toronto, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Singapore, Tokyo, India and the Philippines.

Server locations

The greatest benefit of having this connection is the unlimited bandwidth that a user is offered. The unlimited bandwidth can allow you to view content including movies, videos and TV shows. With the OpenVPN protocol, the network is able to facilitate a regular flow of content and a stable connection that supports a steady network system.

If you need multi-logins to enhance your output and deliver on more projects, ProxyRack VPN can facilitate this by allowing multiple logs onto the network using several accounts. The benefit of ProxyRack is that even with the multiple logins, the network does not lag.

Speed test result

Whether you are a Native OSX or Windows clients, Proxyrack can run on the platforms to give you the desired service. With the successful installation, you can start using the service promptly and a positive factor with using the network is that you get to have free updates to the network and connection system.

A combination of an up-to-date system and enhanced up and down speeds lets you get content in the right format. ProxyRack VPN works with Netflix servers that are stable and have definite speeds in the relay of content. For a 100% free version, this compatibility is a major plus as it allows the viewing of more content.

Most other companies are now struggling to provide their customers with Netflix unblocking due to a hard crack down by these companies enforcing licensing rights, however they have special designated Netflix servers which worked every time I connected.

Software Features:

As previously mentioned their servers support OpenVPN but the unique client features are:

  • Internet kill-switch — this apparently firewalls your internet connection off if the VPN accidentally disconnects
  • DNS leak fix — This prevents your computer from leaking your true DNS servers and thus giving away your location
  • Server switcher — easily select a new location / region and it reconnects

Easy switch


ProxyRack VPN is a stable, fast and secure network platform that has varied benefits when it comes to access to content. If you have been in the lookout for a free VPN network service that is simple, dependable with unlimited bandwidth; ProxyRack VPN is the solution you need as it is high in performance, secure and with the speed that lets you forget lags that other networks exhibit.

You can sign up for the VPN service for free here

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