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Earning money online is a challenging part even for a blogger. At this time it is very tough for people without a blog to earn money online without proper knowledge. This article will give you the clear idea about the best ways to make money online without investment which can provide you some extra money or more than your salary which depends up on your skill and performance.

So these are the Proven Money Making Methods of 2016:

Make Money Online Quick and Easy

Freelance projects:

  • Completing freelance projects is a great way to earn money online. One of my friend sells freelance photo editing, logo creation gigs on fiverr and he said it hardly takes 20 – 30 minutes to complete a project. He used to complete at least 5 projects per day which is equivalent to $25 to $100 per day.
  • To get successful in freelance marketplace the main requirement is skill. You should be a master in any field like music, photo edit, video edit, whiteboard videos, animations, programming, web development, webpage optimization, finance, auditing, consulting, reporting, research & development etc.
  • To start your freelance career, you must join at least 2 – 3 freelance marketplace like Fiverr®, Upwork™. Just create a professional profile and in case of selling gigs you should work more to create a attractive gig like adding a stock image, video, great gig presentation etc. If possible, link it to your portfolio. Research says a gig with a video will attract more than a gig with regular image.
  • Freelance marketplace like Upwork is totally different where you gotta find a related job and apply for it so that the client will hire you. Top rated freelancers will receive offers from clients, where they will be paid on hourly – monthly basis. I know an auditor who earns $100/hour!
  • Hope you understood about freelance jobs. Start a successful freelance career!

Online research programs:

  • Online research programs are the great deal for people without any skills. Tons of research programs’re conducted everyday where they pay for filling your opinion.
  • Paid online surveys’re conducted for various reasons like getting reviews on products, services, general research about countries, geo locations, travel, electronics, cars, leisure, employment, office decisions, purchase, shopping, e-commerce etc
  • For every survey completion you will be paid from $0.50 to $10 depending on the length of the survey and the country of residence.
  • An US member will get more opportunity and high pay compared to an African member due to high demand for US worker with more research projects. Also people from top tier countries are paid just for installing the research software on their devices which will collect the daily activities on their devices that is used to improve the device or the programs & service in future.
  • As survey opportunities’re always limited you should join multiple panels to get more survey invitation and remember surveys can be taken on smartphones.
  • You can easily participate in at least 5 research surveys a day which will take no more than an hour. At the end of the day you will see $5 to $20 in your panel account and $300 on average in your pocket at the month end. As said earlier due to high demand for survey programs, you should join at least 5 survey panels to get least of 5 survey invitations. Here is the list of – best online survey sites.

Final words:

The money making programs given above are very reliable and you can earn some good money by doing these. Do not get stuck with data entry, ad posting scams or useless captcha entries, paid to programs. These programs will either will scam you or waste your precious time. Hope you got a good idea about earning money online without investment. Wish you to earn more and have a successful online career.

That’s it hope you liked this article. If you have any other solid method then you can share it with us via comment section below.

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