Recently there is a new game launched on Android and iOS where people can catch a pokemon (virtually). Yes that right! this game is called Pokémon GO (Official site) in which you can catch virtual pokemon which are located in real-life locations.

This is a reality based game (or we can say pseudo reality) in which you have to use GPS + Internet + camera to catch a pokemon/s

So how to get this game?

To get this game on your android or ios devices all you need to do is:

  1. Go to and download and install the game on your desired device. Here are the direct links – For Android and for iOS
  2. Done! Now you can enjoy the game.

If you are unable to download and install the game on your device because it isn’t available in your country then you can directly download the file. To direct download the file follow these steps:

For Android:

  1. Go to APKMirror and download the apk of Pokemon Go, Direct link:
  2. Now on your android device go to Settings > Security and enable the “Unknown sources” option
  3. Now locate the Pokemon GO apk file and install the game
  4. Done! Now you can enjoy the game even before it is launched in your country!!

Beware of false/malicious apk as there are many Pokemon GO apk available on internet which contains droidjack. To find out which is legitimate on all you need to know that Pokemon GO uses these permissions (Screenshot below)

Legitimate, Pokemon GO permissions:

Pokemon GO permissions

and here is the false version of Pokemon GO apk which contains droidjack

False APK:

False Pokemon GO apk

For iOS:

To download the game on your iOS device all you need to do is:

  1. Via you iOS go to, direct link:
  2. Type in/Search for Pokemon GO
  3. Click on “Download Now” and then select the version 1.0 (If your iOS is jailbreak then select the version from “Jailbreak” section else select the version from “Non Jailbreak” section)
  4. Now click on “Download Now” and then click on  “Open in App Store” and then finally click on “Install” button and you are done

Pokemon GO for iOS

Thats it!! Now you can enjoy Pokemon GO on your desired device.

Let’s talk about some cool hacks and tricks that can make you pokemon master in no time

Pokemon GO Hacks and Tricks:

1) Make sure to tap and hold while catching a pokemon

Tap and hold on the pokeball to get a green circle around the target pokemon, wait for the circle to get smaller and once it become smaller then just swipe the pokeball towards the pokemon and you will get a better chance to capture the pokemon you want!

Capture a pokemon
Image Courtesy: Giphy

2) Activate Battery Saver option to prevent battery draining:

Is your phone’s battery draining too fast while using this app? Then all you need to do is:

  1. Tap on Pokeball icon > Settings (Located on the top right corner) > Select “Battery Saver” option
  2. Done! now it will somewhat prevent the battery to drain while you are playing this game

3) Use incense to lure pokemon:

Are your tired and you don’t want to explore? Just use incense which is available in your backpack to lure pokemon. This portion will work for 30 minutes and will lure wild pokemon at a higher rate.

To use incense tap on Pokeball icon > select ITEMS > and then click on “Incense” (When you start the game for the first time you will get 2 incense portions)

Incense portion
Image Courtesy :

4) Get Pikachu (as your first pokemon) when you start the game:

Here is a trick that can help you to get pikachu while you start the game, Usually you get option to choose from these pokemon – Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle but if you ignore them and walk away they will disappear and then respawn again (repeat this step 2-3 times and just keep ignoring them) and then there will be a fourth pokemon which will be pikachu!!!

Here is a video:

How to capture your first pokemon as Pikachu:

Thanks to Game Informer:


5) Recover Pokeball!!:

You can also recover the pokeball which are missed, All you need to do is instantly tap on the missed pokeball and you will not loose anything (According to IGN)

6) Out of poke candy? Transfer duplicate pokemons:

If you don’t have poke candy for your pokemon to evolve OR power up then you can just transfer the duplicate pokemon to professor and you will get 1 poke candy on each transfer

7) Turn OFF the camera (AR) to capture pokemon fast:

Turning off the AR will help you to catch the pokemon with more ease. This will switch off the camera background and the pokemon will appear on a plain background, so you can capture the pokemon without aiming your phone camera on the pokemon.

So, These were the top hacks and tricks that can make you pokemon master in no time

Gotta catch em all

Gotta Catch Em All

That’s it hope you liked this guide, Please do tell us which pokemon you captured via comment section below (You can also paste a screenshot). If you have any queries feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

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