Pokemon GO is one of the most anticipated game of 2016, In this game all you have to do is search and catch virtual pokemons which are existed in the real life locations. If you havent got this game yet then you can download this game for you android and ios devices from the link given below:

If this game has launched in your region then you can download it from Official Site: http://www.pokemongo.com

If this game has not launched in your region then you can download it from here:

But I am not here to tell you about this game! As you have already seen the title of this tutorial I am here to tell you how you can hack your Pokemon GO app so that you can catch all the pokemon from home (By just sitting at home).

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Lets get started:

Warning: I am not responsible if you get ban from Pokemon GO. This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Do not proceed if you don’t want to take any risk.

*You will need to access Developer options in some methods, To activate this option all you need to do is go to your phone’s Settings > About and tap on Build number for 4-5 times now you will see a message on a screen that your developers options has beed activate, Now just go back and you will notice that Developers option has been activated on your phone

1) Pokemon GO hack for Android (Modded app)(No root required):

Pokemon GO Modded

In this part I will teach you how you can play Pokemon GO (hacked version) on your android device (No root needed)

Note: This method will add a joystick option on your Pokemon GO game

  1. Download the modded app (Ver. 0.41.4) on your android device from this link: Pokemon GO Modded Ver. 0.41.4
  2. Now go to your phone’s Settings > Security and active the “unknown sources” option
  3. Now click on the Pokemon GO modded app which you have recently downloaded
  4. Install the app and allow the required options. That’s it!! you are done, Now you can play Pokemon GO just by sitting at your home


If the game doesn’t work using the above steps then just follow these steps:

  1. Go to: http://www.tutuapp.com
  2. Select android and click on the Green button
  3. Allow/Update permissions and download and install the tutuapp on your android mobile (Make sure to activate “unknown sources” first)
  4. Now open tutuapp and download the modded Pokemon GO
  5. Install it, That’s it! now you have a modded Pokemon GO version on your android device

How to play:

This modded Pokemon GO game is build with pre installed joystick so all you need to do is move your player with the help of the joystick, So you don’t need to walk and catch the pokemon. Just sit in one place and move your player to anywhere you want.

2) Pokemon GO hack for Android using GOGps! (Root required):


This is another method through which you can catch as many pokemon as you want just by sitting at one place, All you need to do is an app called GOGps! If you are using Android 5.1 or lower then you will need a rooted phone (To root your phone click here) and if you are using android 6.0 or above then you do not need a rooted phone.

Note: This method will add a joystick option on your Pokemon GO game

  1. Download GOGps! app (Ver. 2.3) from this link: GoGps! Ver. 2.3
  2. Now you must already have Pokemon GO game installed on your android device, If not then download and install it from here: Pokemon GO 0.41.4
  3. Now install GOGps! on your android device
  4. No go to your device Settings > Developer options > Moc location app and select GOGos!
  5. Now open the GOGps! app
  6. Pick the location (Of your choice) and click on the orange play button (Bottom left hand corner)
  7. Now choose any option (I prefer “Walk” option)
  8. Now a notification bar will come down, On this you just have to click on play button
  9. That’s it! Now open your original Pokemon GO app and move your player with the joystick

3) Pokemon GO Hack for Android using Fly GPS (No root required):


Note: This method will add a joystick option on your Pokemon GO game

  1. You must already have installed Pokemon GO app (latest version) on your android device, If not then download it from official site or download it from above.
  2. Now download Fly GPS from here: Fly GPS Ver. 1.5
  3. Install it on your phone
  4. Now go to your phone Settings > Developer options > Moc location app and select Fly GPS
  5. Now go to Settings > Locations and set the Locatiaction method‘s accuracy to High Accuracy
  6. Now open Fly GPS and pick your location. Click on text box and then select GPS Service Run > Joystick Location Mode-Pokemon
  7. Now run your game and enjoy!

4) Pokemon GO Hack for iOS using Modded Pokemon GO++ app (No jailbreak needed):

Pokemon GO iOS modded

  1. Donwload the modded Pokemon GO++ (Ver. 1.11.4) app on your computer from this link: Pokemon GO++ Ver. 1.11.4
  2. Now download and install Cydia Impactor on your computer, Choose your desired OS: For Windows click here and from Mac click here
  3. Now connect your iOS device to your computer through usb connector
  4. Open iTunes and ensure that iTunes recognize your device
  5. Open Cydia Impactor on your computer, Make sure that your iOS device name is listed on Cydia Impactor
  6. Now drag the modded Pokemon GO++ app on Cydia Impactor (Interface)
  7. Insert your Apple ID and Password (When asked)
  8. Now go to Settings app > General > Device Management and trust your Apple ID
  9. That’s it! You have successfully installed modded Pokemon GO++ app on your iOS device
  10. Now enjoy the game!! 😀

That’s it! these were some of the methods that can be used to hack your Pokemon GO for Android and iOS. But please note that these method can get you permanent (lifetime) ban from Niantics which means you wont be able to play Pokemon GO again

These methods go against the terms and services of Niantic Labs which can block you from playing Pokemon GO but if then also you want to go against the developers to improve your Pokemon GO skills and playability then you just relax and follow one of the methods mentioned above as these methods are for you!

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