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How to see (blocked) pictures of people who aren’t your friend on Facebook

Note: This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Do not misuse it!Hiding pictures from someone on Facebook is so easy, but what will you do if you secretly want to see someone's pictures who...
WhatsApp Services

How to share files like APK, ZIP, RAR, PDF, EXE and other with WhatsApp

On WhatsApp you can only share limited file types like audio, video and images but no other types of files. So in this tutorial we will learn how you can share other file types...
CMD KeyLogger

How to create a keylogger with CMD

Warning : This tutorial is for educational purpose only.Keylogger are the software which are used to used to capture user information, It works when a victim press a button on a computer (It records...

How to bypass password/pin/pattern/security lock on android

Warning : This article is only for educational purposeThere are lot of ways to lock your android device using Password, Pattern Lock, Face Lock and PIN Lock but what will you do if you...

How to root your android device

Having a root access can entirely modify your phone and third party applications with system level modification permissions.Also Read : 10 Awesome Life HacksImportant : 1) Your warranty may be void after following this...

10 Awesome Life Hacks [December 2014]

List of 10 awesome life hacks that can help you to make your life easier and will also save your time (Compiled) (Source : The Web) Also Read : Top ways to hack Facebook (Educational)...

Top ways to hack Facebook (Educational) (Methods Only)

Warning : This tutorial is for educational purpose only!Facebook is the most popular social networking site and also the most wanted site for hacking. Most newbies on the web search about the methods on...
Advance Phishing

How to make a Phishing page (Advance) (Undetectable)

Warning: This tutorial is for educational purpose only   Before this, I posted a basic tutorial on phishing, but in this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a phishing page that is undetectable and...

How to make a Phishing page (Basics)

Warning : This tutorial is for educational purpose onlyThere are some basic levels in hacking which includes "Phishing", By this method you can steals someone's password, information etc. Also Read : Download YouTube Videos Offline...

Download YouTube Videos Offline on your Mobile using Official YouTube App

Yes you heard it right! Now you can download YouTube videos on your mobile using the Official YouTube app. No matter if you are offline or have an slow connection.Also Read : Top 5...

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