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Improve Mobile App UX

6 Ways to Improve Input Data Fields to Improve Mobile App UX

This is a Guest Post by ShishirAs a mobile app development company, your sole aim should be to keep your app users engaged for long and retain them, irrespective of whether you develop apps in-house...

Skyrocket your YouTube Subscribers using SubMeNow (Tips and How to use it)

Video has become a great element of our online occurrence because you can almost taste the beautiful colors of life. 60 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute of every day which...
Download Youtube Videos

Easy Youtube Video Downloader Add-on : Download YouTube Videos with Ease

YouTube is an US Based video-sharing site used as a prime source of viewing demonstrations, interviews, doing promotions and various other categories of videos. Videos uploaded on YouTube can be viewed and shared by...
Social Advertising

How to Build Sustainable Relationships Marketing Using Paid Search and Social Advertising

This is a Guest Post by Martin BrownThere's no denying the fact that relationship marketing can yield multiple benefits for any brand. For one, since it focuses on building long-term relationships with customers, marketers could...
Camera Hacks

9 Security Camera Hacks: Secure Yourself From Being Hacked

The entire purpose of a home security camera is to keep you and your home safe. How safe are home security cameras? Too often, an individual purchases a home security camera without considering this...
Rocket VPN

Rocket VPN Review – VPN for Smartphones

When it comes to bypassing restricted networks or sites then VPN's are the only thing that we can use.There are many top listed VPN available on the net (You can also find them on...

How to recover lost data from Hard Drive using Wondershare Data Recovery

In this tutorial, I will teach you how you can recover lost data or file (like Photo, Video, Music and Archive) from your hard drive using Hard Drive Data Recovery (with ease) but before getting started let...
Hexlock Review

Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault Review (Android)

In this century smartphone is everything..Yes you heard it right! with smartphone you can do almost everything from taking photos to booking a flight to your favorite destination OR even managing your bank accounts...

Want to launch a mobile app? Gear up with these Tactics

This is a Guest Post by Anand RajendranIn the present world, mobile apps are widely preferred by several entrepreneurs and they follow a particular mobile trend. An effective mobile app has more value than that...

TunesGO: Transfer any file from pc to iPhone

Earlier iTunes was the only way to transfer any file or data from PC to iPhone but now you can do the same with some of the best third party softwares like TunesGOSo if you...

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