A detailed review of the NSF to PST converter is described here. This tool serves a better aim of performing conversion between two common mail storage files i.e., Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST conversion. Sometimes users find a need to migrate their data from Lotus Notes application to MS Outlook. This is because they find Outlook more relevant, and easy-to-use mail application. Therefore, an advanced way to perform such conversion is to use Lotus Notes to Outlook converter tool. It is embedded with a bundle of advanced features, which make conversion easy and perfect.

Introduction of Lotus Notes to PST Converter

NSF to PST converter is a best-suited approach, for exporting data files of NSF into PST file format. It converts entire data of NSF file i.e., emails, calendars, tasks, journals, notes, and names.nsf, into Outlook storage file. It also migrate encrypted emails of Lotus notes to Outlook and does not show any error if encrypted mails are to be converted. The product is capable of handling source file of any size and ensure its user that data will remain intact throughout the conversion. However, it requires two supportive applications for its functioning and those are Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes. It does not require an active Domino server, only it just need is the Lotus notes application without any server connectivity.

Versions of NSF to PST Converter

The NSF file to PST Converter is available in two editions – Free Version and Licensed version. According to your requirements, you can use any one of two converter versions.

Free Version: The Free/Trial version of Lotus Notes to Outlook migration tool is freely available for downloading from the official website. However, user can migrate NSF to PST free but there is a limitation with this freeware edition. The constraint with this edition is that it can export only 25 Items or folder from source NSF file to Outlook PST.

Licensed Version: It is the purchase/full ware version of the NSF to Outlook converter that end user will have to purchase from company’s official website. This version does not consist of any constraints with it and users can perform import data from Lotus Notes files to personal storage file.

Outstanding Features Of NSF to PST Converter

Export Emails With Attachments: The Lotus Notes to Outlook migration tool convert all the attachments embedded with emails of source NSF files. It support and convert attachments of any file type like pictures, documents, etc.

Conversion Without Any Data Loss: The software ensures that it will convert entire data of selected NSF file into MS Outlook with all related meta data properties kept intact. It does not modify or alter content of emails, contacts, etc., and hence, maintains the integrity throughout the conversion.

Mapping between The Mail Folders: One can map the Lotus Notes database folders with resultant Outlook PST file. Users can direct inbox of NSF file with Outlook inbox in order to save database into the folder.


Selective NSF to PST File Conversion: Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST tool provides different options to filter NSF file emails and calendars by selecting a specific date range. All the mails that lie in-between those specified date get converted into PST file format


Option to Eliminate Email Encryption: In some cases, it is quite obvious that emails of NSF files are encrypted for security concern. Therefore, if you want to remove encryption from emails, then check Remove Encryption option for disabling security from emails and performing conversion on such mails.


Conversion From All Documents Folder: There is a folder in Lotus notes application i.e., All document, which comprises of all emails of user account. Users can migrate data of All Document folder with help of this NSF to PST converter tool.

Provide Default/Desired Storage Location: By default, the Lotus Notes to PST will store resultant PST file on desktop. If you want to save the file on your desired location, then you can click on Browse button to do the same.

Combine Emails & Contacts in Single PST File: With help of this converter, you can combine emails and contacts of Lotus notes application & save it into PST file format. This allow users to create a backup file of their Lotus notes data in PST file format.


  • Hyperlink, signatures, etc., of emails remain intact with inline images
  • Automatically generate a current and final status conversion report
  • Does not require Lotus Domino server for performing conversion
  • Provide an option to eliminate duplicate contacts from names.nsf file
  • Ability to hold doc links of notes during the conversion process


  • At once, tool supports only one NSF file for mail file conversion
  • Consists of some prerequisites for performing its functioning


After having a vast discussion about the Lotus Notes to Outlook converter with all its possible pros and cons, we can wind up with the fact that for performing conversion in a smartest way the appropriate solution is to use NSF to PST converter. This product can be rated a 9.7/10 because it is not an independent software (require mail application installation for working) and support only one NSF file at a time.

That’s it this was my review on NSF to PST converter tool by MSOutlook. If you have any queries then feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

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