There are many ways to make money online (Read this: Top 5 ways to make money online (Guaranteed)). When you have a blog then you can monetize it with advertising networks (Like Google Adsense), affiliates..etc but do you know that there are some link shorteners that can also help you in monetizing your blog (Just by integrating it in your blog).

That’s why I have made this tutorial that will help bloggers to make money online and it is so easy that anyone can do it!! If you haven’t got accepted by Google Adsense and if you are looking for an alternative.Then please read this article at least once as it may help you….So let’s get started:

First let me tell you about a link shortener “” that will help you to make money online :

A brand new link shortener similar to and (The only difference is that it also monetizes your shortened link!!), That will also help you to monetize your blog. Here are some of the tools (quick list) of :

– Website Monetization
– Mass Shrinker
– Social Sharing Widgets (Something new)
– Comment System (For Blogger Blog) (Something new)
– They also offer partnerships

My Review on :

In my case is the best link shortener service in compare to, and other link shorteners (Must Read: Top 10 URL shortening sites which pay (Must Join)). They have good customer support, provides instant cashout (min $5 via PayPal), They do not pay as much as Adsense OR any other big advertising networks, but they are much better than their rivals. You can also checkout their payout rates from here:

How to monetize your blog with

This is easy as 1,2,3. To get started you need to follow these steps:
1) Register yourself using this link: (Just copy paste in the URL bar)
2) Fill up the desired information, and then activate your account
3) Now you are good to go!!

– Use website monetization tool and convert your blog into a money making machine, For this you need to go to “Website monetization” section OR just visit using this link:

The best part is that you can even choose your own options/generate your own script (That how you want this script to work!!)

Screenshot :

Monetize your Blog with

– Use “Mass Shrinker” tool and shrink many links with one click!!
– Use “Social Share Widget” tool to add social sharing buttons on your blog. This will help you to make money whenever you OR someone else will share your article

Screenshot :

Monetize your Blog with

– Use “Earn on Blogspot comments” tool to monetize your blogspot blog’s comment section. If anyone OR you will post a link in a comment section of your blogger blog, That will be monetized by this tool and will boost your online income

Video on how to insert this script (Commenting script) in your blogger blog (By official channel) :



– There are many other tools even for WordPress.

My opinion is that you should use this link shortener, but do not apply all the tools on your blog as this can pissed off your visitors

So if you are interested to monetize your blog then we would recommend you to at least check this amazing link shortener and if not then do check out these Goggle Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog:

1) Chitika :
2) Infolinks :
3) Superlinks :
4) Adversal :
5) Viglink :
6) Skimlinks :
7) :
8) Adengage :
9) BuySellAds :

– and other link shorteners are also the alternative, but they are not that much effective when it comes to monetizing your blog.

Conclusion :

In all is one of the best alternative to monetize if you have sufficient traffic (100 visits/day will work like a charm, *If there is no other way) on your blog. Please remember that this will not make you a millionaire instantly nor you will get 4 digits income/day with this. It is only an alternative that will help you to earn *some money online. Please do tell us that how much did you like and if you have any queries then you can comment below OR you can contact us

Happy Earning!!

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