Email marketing is a form of direct marketing in which vendors sends emails relevant to the product and services offer to their customers anytime. It attracts new customers and helps to maintain close relationships with loyal customers.

As a digital world we have used a lot of email marketing tools over the years, but all are not completed with their features. Good solution for the email marketing, is the one i.e. cheap, reliable and must have all the necessary options.

Here I’m introducing a cost-effective email marketing service MailGet. Alternative services like MailChimp and CampaignMonitor cost a lot and don’t offer all the range of features that MailGet provides.

Review of MailGet email marketing

About MailGet:

MailGet is a very powerful email marketing solution unlike other services and ease to use. With a super straightforward and pleasing user interface, responsive email templates and split-testing features, it’s a pretty good email marketing service.

It allows you sending unlimited numbers of emails in the list. You can easily import all the emails ( in CSV format) and start sending emails to them.

MailGet has a prominent feature of connecting with any SMTP service to send emails.

Right now the system is plugged with Amazon SES, Mandril, Mailjet, MailGun, SendGrid, PostMark. If you wish to connect with any SMTP email service of your choice, you can do that as well.

Note: MailGet recently launched MailGet Bolt with more advanced functionality. With MailGet Bolt, you do not need to connect with any external SMTP service for sending emails.

Email sending is quick and easy with MailGet Bolt as you can create newsletters and send to your audience right away while getting the best inbox deliverability.

How can you use MailGet (In 3Steps!!):

Using MailGet in 3Steps

Here are 3 simple steps to create and send emails to your subscribers.

Create Email:

MailGet gives you 3 options to create your email.

  1. Drag and drop email builder
  2. Basic text editor
  3. Custom code (HTML) editor

So you can send any emails as per your choice.

Add contacts:

Adding Contacts

Next, you need to add your contacts by importing the CSV file, or you can import email contacts directly by pasting in a box. After clicking Import contacts, your email list is ready.

Connect SMTPs:

You have to create SMTP credential. A form opens to fill SMTP details like –

  • From Email (Verified In SMTP) – one used for your SMTP service account.
  • SMTP Name – desired SMTP name like Gmail, Yahoo, Mailgun etc.
  • Credential Provided By SMTP Service Provider – Host, Port, Username, Password.

After the entire configuration, you’ll be able to send emails to your subscribers very quickly.

Powerful Features of MailGet:

MailGet can help you to send attractive emails to your clients with its powerful features. Some of the best features of MailGet are mentioned below.

Email Builder:

Email Builder

With MailGet email builder you can easily design attractive email templates. MailGet included fields in email builder for creating stunning template such as heading, text image, social icons and more. You can also change the color of your templates background, content text, buttons, and before sending template you can preview your email.

Drip Email:

Drip Email Feature

MailGet provides you to set drip campaign and send multiple emails to a pre-defined email list. You can select your email templates and scheduled it for sending date.

MailGet API:

In MailGet API, contacts will automatically synchronize in your desired contact list. Every time a user subscribes through a contact form, there’s no need to import subscriber list explicitly.

Autoresponder Email:

AutoResponder Feature

MailGet’s autoresponder email feature allows you to send automated sets of emails. MailGet automatically appends the subscriber email address in the contact list which you assign while setting up autoresponder campaign.

Various MailGet Plans:

MailGet Pricing

MailGet has the lowest pricing among all existing email marketing service providers. Its pricing plan is based on some subscribers as well as the volume of emails sent, in one packet.

Pricing of MailGet

The first plan is for all newbies, comes at pocket friendly price. In this plan, you can build a 10,000 emails list and then send unlimited number emails to all the recipients in just $24/Month.

Second, if you are an average blogger or an entrepreneur with a list of around 50,000 emails, then you can go for this plan two which will only cost you $41/Month.

Third plan is the most popular one, which is for top email marketers. It will only cost you $66, and you will get an option to add 1,00,000 emails to your list.

OR you can get a chance to a win a PRO account of MailGet worth $400:

Final Word:

Email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways to stay in touch with your audience and to build your influence. With MailGet, you have access to a wide variety of useful features that help you get the most out of your email list.

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