After a seemingly endless stream of iOS 10.2 betas, Apple released the final version iOS 10.2 on Tuesday. The update provides some great new features such as the new “TV“ app – which provides the ability to keep track of your favourite tv shows, in addition to recommending similar show you may like. Over 100 fun new emojis have been added- like a shrug, a clown and an astronaut, as well as improvements to make the existing emojis look more life-like. Also lots of minor improvements have been made for an enhanced user experience. The biggest improvement, however, seems to be the greatly enhanced backup security. In iOS 10.2, Apple have encrypted the entire backup database, and increased the amount of iterations needed to validate a user’s password. This will prevent and deter brute force attacks (firing different passwords at the system, hoping to stumble across a correct one) on a user’s password, as each time a password attempt is made, it takes a long time to validate.

Without even considering the other cool features, the enhanced iTunes backup security should rate highly on the list of reasons to update.

What should I do before updating to iOS 10.2 ?

Backup your device

It is wise to consistently create backups of your device for safekeeping. You never know when your phone might get damaged beyond recovery, or you may lose your data through other causes.

If your device is set up to make use of iCloud, it is likely that some of your data is automatically backed up in the cloud. You can also create manual backups of your device using iTunes. Note however that iTunes or iCloud backups do not contain any iTunes synced content, such as your music, playlists, or PDFs downloaded directly to iBooks. An app like TouchCopy enables you to backup this and other content from your iPhone and iPad to a Mac or a PC.

About TouchCopy


TouchCopy is a trusted app which allows you to backup all content on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch before updating to iOS 10.2. The program provides the functions to easily transfer Music, Photos, Messages, Contacts, and anything else on your device.

Try TouchCopy Demo Free : Download TouchCopy

Let’s take a closer look at some of the TouchCopy features:

Transfer iPad and iPhone Music and Playlists:

Whether you have lost your iTunes library, and wish to restore it from your iPod, iPhone or iPad, or if you have new music on your device that you wish to have in iTunes, TouchCopy can help. With TouchCopy, you can copy music, to your PC or Mac, or directly into iTunes including all of your song data, ratings, play counts and album art.


Backup iPhone Messages:

TouchCopy can save your SMS, MMS, iMessage and WhatsApp conversations to your PC or Mac. You can copy or print conversations with each contact, either as a full thread or set a date range for specific dates. You can even copy group messages, just how you see them on your device.


Transfer iPhone Contacts:

If you would like to backup up your contact information for safekeeping, or if you need to transfer contacts from your old iPhone to your new iPhone, you can do it easily with TouchCopy.

Copy to your PC or Mac, or directly into your address book app such as Windows Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, or Mac Address Book. When your contacts are safely imported to your chosen app, simply use iTunes to sync the contacts with your new iPhone!

iPhone Contacts

Transfer iPhone Photos and Videos:

Keep your precious pictures safe by backing them up with TouchCopy. Copy individual pictures, or entire albums quickly and safely from your iPhone, iPod or iPad to your PC or Mac. You can copy photos which were added to your device using iTunes, or even camera photos and videos.

Photos and Videos

What else can TouchCopy do?

It doesn’t stop there, TouchCopy can also transfer your iBooks, calendars, call logs, voicemails, voice memos, notes and internet history and bookmarks. You can even use the Files tab in TouchCopy, to add and remove files from your device – transforming your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a storage device.

TouchCopy is available for both Windows PC and Mac systems, and is compatible with all iPods, iPhones and iPads. You can try out the free demo version of TouchCopy 16 free of charge, or get your hands on the full program for $29.95 (USD). With every purchase comes a 30-day money back period; free updates and free access to the friendly support team, who are always happy to provide assistance should you need it.

That’s it if you have any queries then feel free to ask it in the comment section below

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