Ivacy VPN has been around since as early as 2007 and has grown to become one of the most trusted VPNs around the world today. Many pocket-conscious internet users who are particular about their online privacy claim that Ivacy delivers “all the features of an industry-leading VPN but at roughly one-third the cost”

Ivacy also claims (on its website) that it’s the pioneer of the popular Split-Tunneling feature that has now become a standard feature of all industry-leading VPNs. Split-Tunneling allows users to protect specific programs with a VPN connection

We took Ivacy VPN for a test drive and the results were unexpected. Here’s our full review of Ivacy VPN:

Pricing Package

In any review, price is a critical factor. And it also happens to be one of the key areas where Ivacy has the edge over others. Ivacy is offering its 2-year subscription plan for just $49 which boils down to about $2.40 a month

Compared to Ivacy’s monthly package which costs $9, the 2-year plan is a steal as it’s way less than the industry-average. Apart from the monthly and 2-year plan, Ivacy also offers a 6-month subscription plan for $36 or $6 a month

We did an industry-wide analysis and determined that Ivacy is easily the cheapest among all industry-leading VPN brands. Have a look for yourself:

Price Table

Servers & Performance

Ivacy boasts a wide array of 250 servers that are strategically positioned in 100+ locations across 44 countries. This wide server spread means that you get to choose from virtually thousands of IP addresses that facilitate optimized connection with faster data transfer and minimal packet loss

A key point to note is that Ivacy’s servers are optimized for P2P file sharing which means that they are designed to facilitate faster transfer of large P2P files. Extensive testing of servers proved that Ivacy is indeed a great choice for P2P filesharing. Ivacy has optimized P2P servers in these regions:

LuxembourgBulgariaCosta RicaPeru

Also, since Ivacy’s servers are spread across all continents, accessing accessing geo-restricted sites or unblocking region-locked content is quick and easy. In our tests, we tried to access YouTube, Hulu, iFlix, HBO, ITV, Netflix and BBC iPlayer along with some other popular streaming sites

Ivacy worked exceptionally well and exceeded our expectations, offering fast streaming with rare instances of buffering on Netflix and YouTube when we tried streaming in HD. As far as performance is concerned, Ivacy endured rigorous testing and surpassed all our benchmarks

Speed Tests

Our tests gauged Ivacy’s performance on browsing- and streaming-speed while keeping a check on possible IP or DNS leakages. Using speedtest.net for the test, we first connected without Ivacy and got the following speeds

Speed Test

We then connected to Ivacy US server with encryption protocol set to “Automatic”. We got the following results:

Speed Test

The download- and upload-speed saw a slight drop on US and UK servers. However, we were still able to download and stream at impressive speed. Even with HD content, the streaming was smooth and bufferless

IP and DNS Leak Test

We then carried out extensive tests on IP leaks and DNS leaks to determine Ivacy’s performance in these two areas. The tests returned positive results when connected to US and UK fastest server with little or no visible sign of IP or DNS leaks. Given the low price of Ivacy when compared with pricier brands, this encryption and tunneling protocols were impressive

Customer Support

Ivacy’s customer support seems to have gotten an update along with its app. We contacted them when we had trouble connecting to UK server to unblock BBC iPlayer. The customer success executive was prompt and courteous and pinpointed the problem to our firewall. The website claims to offer round-the-clock customer support

We posted our query through the online ticketing system but you also have additional options like emailing your query or making a Skype call. Here’s how you can post your queries:

Ticketing System

Right at the top of Ivacy’s homepage is the Contact Us link. Clicking on it will open a popup window that asks for your credentials – name, email, subject and message – along with your relevant query. We submitted a random query on Ivacy’s refund policy and got a response in less than 10 minutes


We then tested Ivacy’s customer support by emailing a troubleshooting query on whether a single subscriber can run an Ivacy account on multiple devices simultaneously. The response time for the email was almost the same as that of ticketing system

Skype Call

Skype calls are the fastest as we found out when we asked a general question on how to change encryption protocol. The customer success executive was courteous and well-rounded, and had good, sound knowledge of the product

Security Protocols & UI

One of the hallmarks of Ivacy’s recent update is the revamped UI which is now incredibly user-friendly and snappy. At the click of a button, you can connect to your desired server with preset encryption protocol. You can change both security protocols and server location from the settings tab

Ivacy uses advanced edge tunneling protocols (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN and AES-256 bit encryption) to secure and anonymize users. It is also ad free with no visible signs of malware or intrusive foreign codes that support pop-up ads or compromise your data security or privacy

Ivacy combines different levels of encryption and secure tunneling protocols to protect users online and anonymize their internet activity. The four protocols offered by Ivacy are the most advanced and are a standard feature of all industry-leading VPNs out there

Although PPTP technically has the weakest encryption, it is the best if you want nothing but to stream your favorite movies and TV shows or watch YouTube videos. On the other hand, OpenVPN is your best pick for impregnable online security and privacy

Ivacy also offers advanced 256-bit encryption which is best for protecting sensitive private information from the prying hands of online hackers, phishes, snoopers and spammers

Lastly, Ivacy has an uncompromising zero-logging policy which means that it does not keep tabs on the activity of users. Ivacy’s servers automatically delete all data and connection time stamps of users every 48 hours to ensure complete privacy, anonymity and security


This is one area where Ivacy scores really well. It is compatible all major platforms and operating systems. Ivacy has a dedicated app for Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Additionally, you can also configure Ivacy on Linux, Smart TVs, TV Boxes (Kodi and Roku), gaming consoles (Xbox and PS4) and routers

Ivacy for Windows PC

Ivacy for Windows

Ivacy VPN client for Windows is fast and snappy with a well-planned UI that combines performance with functionality. It has the signature “one-click” connect but you can also customize your preferences like changing server location or security protocols

Ivacy has a list of preset customizations based on what you want to do online whether it is streaming your favorite movies and TV shows , downloading large P2P files, accessing your emails, or simply surfing the internet


Right beside the Purpose tab is the Countries tab which gives you a long list of country-based serversĀ  that you can connect to based on your need


Overall, we were more than pleased with the connection speed, particularly for downloading P2P files. Ivacy claims that it has optimized servers that are specially designed for P2P filesharing. We can certainly say that it delivers on this promise. In fact, we can say that Ivacy is one of the best VPN for Windows

All in all, the Ivacy app for Windows is fast and efficient

Ivacy for Mac and iOS

Ivacy for iOS

Ivacy app for Mac isn’t as snappy and intuitive as the Windows app but it’s a great VPN nonetheless. The updated Beta version of the app is snappy and intuitive and packs a range of user-friendly features. Connections is fast with advanced encryption and we did not experience any IP or DNS leaks while we were connected

Ivacy for iOS

Ivacy also has a dedicated app for iOS-powered devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. The app boasts the same range of features as that of their Windows and Mac counterpart and is just as user-friendly

User Friendly Interface

We found Ivacy iOS app to be ideal for streaming content while on the go or protecting personal data on your portable device while using a public hotspot


Ivacy for Android

Ivacy’s dedicated app for Android offers you the same range of functions, utility and security. Connection was fast and effortless and we were really impressed by the speed when downloading large P2P files and streaming content on Hulu

Apart from the apps, you can also connect Ivacy to a range of other devices by directly configuring your router. These devices include TV boxes like Kodi and Roku and gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox

Configuring Ivacy for Kodi and Roku will unblock region-locked channels that are usually not available in your region. You can stream them live and watch all your favorite TV shows and sports events without any hassle

Similarly, you can configure Ivacy on your PS4 or Xbox One router and connect to servers in different countries. This way, you can get the best deals in certain countries and download and install games at a much cheaper price

You can also unblock and watch all your favorite movies and TV shows by streaming them live on your gaming console

Another point worth mentioning here is that Ivacy offers the 5 Multi-login feature with all its subscription plans. So you can simultaneously connect and protect 5 different devices with the same login credentials and secure them against online threats while streaming region-locked content

Final Verdict

As far as features and performance are concerned, Ivacy is perhaps the most underrated VPN out there. We were really impressed with the overall delivery of features and the performance and can easily say that it delivers good value for money

With a revamped UI and updated armory of user-friendly security features, Ivacy has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. We tried their latest update which boasts a rich user-friendly experience with the latest security features that are packed into an incredibly snappy, intuitive and user-friendly UI

Perhaps what will strike internet users as the unique selling point of Ivacy is the low-priced subscription plans that are incredibly easy on the pocket. We believe that Ivacy has a short road ahead to become the industry-leading VPN and it is only a matter of time before it does since it has all the makings of a market leader

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