There are numerous interesting apps on the market today. How to know which one is good and valuable? How to stay up-to-date with the newest apps? There are a million mobile applications and you are only one.

That’s why we are here: to discover new awesome Android and iOS applications and test them for you. Given that we deal with different kind of documents every day, in and out of the office, mobile apps can facilitate our workflow. Therefore, we present you a unique and impressive app which will be beneficial to many professionals, managers and entrepreneurs.

About Image to Excel Converter

Image to Excel Converter allows you to turn your pictures of tables  efficiently into modifiable Excel spreadsheets on both platforms, iOS and Android. Whether you need to edit your paper documents, such as invoices, receipts, reports and others or you need to use old data again, this useful productivity app will spare you from doing the whole dreary work by hand. Besides the effort, it will save your valuable time too. Aside from these main benefits, there are also other helpful features:

Image to Excel Converter Key Features

  • High-rate conversion quality: thanks to preeminent OCR engines, rows and columns are recognized completely. Likewise, complex tables can be converted with success.
  • No restrictions: it’s possible to convert as many documents as needed and large files are convertible too.
  • Free of charge: you don’t need to spend a dime on excellent conversion services. Very economically, isn’t it?
  • Simple-to-use app with a clear user interface: it’s a pretty easily manageable, without complicated options and subscriptions.

So, the only thing left is to see how to convert images into editable spreadsheet. Simple follow these straightforward steps and bring document management the a whole new level.

Step 1: Download Image to Excel Converter on iOS or Android platform

iOS: Download link for iOS

Android: Download link for Android

Step 2: Snap a photo you’d like to convert or choose the one you already have

Here are some tricks how to take the most effective pic:

  • Put a hard copy on a flat surface, preferably white
  • Crop the image so that content is from the edge to edge
  • Adapt, brightness, contrast or sharpness

Step 3: In order to edit your converted file, open it in Excel app and make some changes. As simple as boiling water.


The final verdict is to give a chance to this handy app especially if you work with Excel files on a daily basis or any other finance documents. Likewise, it’s pretty convenient if you need to make room on your desk and need to turn paper copies into electronic format to send them or file them. Let’s not even start with all those situations when you had to work on your documents on the go. Image to Excel Converter will make your workday go smoothly and stress free.

That’s it! If you have any queries then feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

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