Internet is a place from where you can get almost every thing for free whether its premium or not. Some sites protect there premium content with “Content Locker” (A popup that hides the content). Bypassing these content locker is so easy. So in this tutorial I will show you that how you can view the locked content on website/blog..Lets get started

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How to view Locked content on Websites/Blogs

Warning :  This method is for educational purpose only, Stealing content is a crime. We do not recommend anyone to follow this method

In this tutorial we will use “IMDb Pro” site as an example (One of the most popular internet movie database) but you can use this method on other sites/blogs which are using content locker. IMDb Pro site link :

How to view Locked content on Websites/Blogs

Steps to unlock locked content:

Follow these steps if you landed on the site which has content locker

1) Right-Click on the locker and select “Inspect element

How to view Locked content on Websites/Blogs

2) Now a new “Elements” window will popup, Here just search for the code which is related to/pointing-out the content locker
Example : Here you can see the code which is used in the content locker to lock the content

How to view Locked content on Websites/Blogs

– Search for the code until you see the blue semi-transparent covering on the content locker
3) Just hit the “Delete” button to delete the code
– Repeat these steps until all the content of the site is visible and clickable

How to view Locked content on Websites/Blogs

4) Done!! Now you can see the content

How to view Locked content on Websites/Blogs

Bonus :

There is another method which requires a third party plugin ie. AdBlocker, For this method you need to follow these steps :
1) Install AdBlocker in your desire browser, Link :
2) Visit the site which has locked its content with content locker
3) Right-Click on the content locker an select “Block Element
4) Done!!

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I used Google Chrome for these methods but these methods also works in other browsers (Almost same steps), So you can try it on other browsers too. If you have any queries then you can contact us OR comment us below.

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Have Fun!!

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